Why Indie Yoga Is The Studio of Choice For My Yoga Teacher Training

In exactly one month, Indie Yoga in Ocean Beach will be hosting their annual 200-Hour yoga teacher training. A spiritual and challenging journey, committing to 200 hours of learning and growing with an intimate group of people is a big deal and picking the right studio is necessary to shape your experience.

Indie Yoga is a Sanctuary

Indie Yoga has created a sanctuary for those looking to deepen their spiritual and physical practice amongst a synergetic community. If you’re not already convinced, here’s three reasons why I’m excited (and you should be too!) to complete the 200-Hour yoga teacher training at Indie Yoga.

The Studio

For teachers and those looking to deepen their practice, choosing a yoga studio for teacher training comes with many factors to consider that will vary in importance based off of your needs. When I originally started practicing yoga, I did not envision myself furthering my practice through a teaching program. I loved yoga, but looked at it as more of an outlet to stay in shape.

This changed drastically after a few classes at Indie Yoga.

The moment you step inside their boutique studio in Ocean Beach, you feel the warm embrace of the atmosphere engulf you. The gracious expressions of the staff welcome you in and there’s an instant sense of familiarity. Becoming a student at Indie Yoga means becoming a part of a family; a community connected by mutual support and a love of yoga.

From the aroma of fresh sage, incense, and lavender to the calming oceanic walls that match the serene music caressing you into your practice and away from the outside world, the environment the studio has created is just one of the reasons why I chose Indie Yoga for my yoga teacher training.

The Teachers

A dream duo, Jill Hybertsen and Fallon Lev will return back to their mats to lead Indie Yoga’s teacher training for the second year. What makes these ladies great? Taking a class with Jill or Fallon is an inspiring and enlightening experience. With a keen sense of their environment and students, both women make their classes accessible for all that step in the studio, regardless of where you are at in your practice.

“Indie is the most remarkable group of magic humans I have ever come across. These people have created an environment for yoga that is unlike any I have ever experienced. They do everything with a full heart, and care about their students as if they are brothers and sisters.” - Renee Bresten, 2015 YTT Student

Great teachers plant a seed in their students minds that foster growth and self discovery. That is exactly what you get when present in either Jill or Fallon’s class. The spectrum of their teaching styles and intuitive reception to students bodies and needs sets an exemplary example that those interested in teaching or furthering their practice can adapt from.

Guest Workshops

If being taught at a beautiful studio with such inspiring women wasn’t enough, take a peek at the guest workshops included in this year’s teacher training. Joined by Ashley Segal, Daniela Kent, Nikki Bose, Jonathan Old-Rowe and more wonderful beings, the guest workshops cover a vast range of information essential to furthering your practice including breath work, anatomy and physiology, and the business of yoga. Each guest brings a different style to the table giving students a true range of technique and meaningful knowledge. Here’s the full list of guest workshops:

  • Anatomy & Physiology with Ashley Segal

  • Breathwork & Sound Healing with Guy Douglas

  • Karma Yoga with Bill Brown

  • Business of Yoga with Daniela Kent

  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy with Soleil Hepner

  • Sequencing & Sound with Charity Rahmer

  • Yin with Nikki Bose

  • Yoga Philosophy with Jonathan Old-Rowe

“I learned more than I could have imagined about myself, and about my abilities [through Indie Yoga’s teacher training].” - Renee Bresten, 2015 YTT Student

The RYS 200-Hour teacher training begins September 9th and culminates on December 11th with flexible payment plans available. Hosted at Indie Yoga in Ocean Beach, the training is every Friday, Saturday and Sunday where students will learn to teach a beginner’s series vinyasa class, explain postures anatomically, physiologically, emotionally, and spiritually, while linking these postures with breath work and transitions. On top of the teacher training, students also have access to unlimited yoga throughout the three months. Are you as excited as I am yet?

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