Stop, Drop, Release - The Power of Letting Go


We need to let go. It allows us as humans to find happiness, to move on, and to grow. Letting go is a funny thing, as it can come with a spectrum of emotions. You may feel regretful or fearful that you aren’t making the right decision. On the other hand, you may feel a sense of relief, opportunity or peace of mind.

Why We Must Let Go

When we let go, we’re essentially telling ourselves it is okay to continue our journey. It is okay to say goodbye to someone or something that is no longer serving you. This is life and this is all apart of the plan. It’s the brain saying, let’s open the next chapter and see where life takes us.

Letting go gives us the opportunity to release unwanted stress, anxiety, or physical pain so we can make room for something new. This sense of release can be accompanied by a “weight off your shoulders” feeling, crying, or a rush of optimism. It all depends on what you’re letting go of. The power of releasing supports us in clearing emotional and mental boundaries we’ve set so we can prosper in clogged areas of our lives. 

The Power of Release

Release can come to you physically or mentally. A good cry feels incredible at times or you can dance the night away like a crazy person and get it all out. There have been times I’ve sat in my car and screamed until my throat felt hoarse. I’d do that over and over again until I felt the pain leave my body. I’ve also watched physical pain leave my body through mental release. Our minds are incredibly capable of stopping pain in its tracks and biofeedback is a great example of how we can manipulate our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to curb stressful or anxiety-driven thoughts and release physical and emotional pain.

The action of letting go is an open invitation to your mind and soul to relinquish unhealthy attachments that you’ve developed over your lifetime. It comes with acceptance that we must release what was and focus on what is. While change is something that can be uncomfortable, it allows us to break free of emotional restraints and release our fear-based decision style and lead a life with our heart.

Embrace The Unknown

The hardest part of letting go is knowing that you are moving from something known to something unknown. We’ve been conditioned our entire lives that the unknown is something that should be avoided and to “stick to what you know,” but this is simply not the case. Where would our world be if we had never wandered into the unknown?

Sometimes the most amazing things can happen after we let go of something that is no longer serving us. Once we get past that terror that has us scared into place, we are served the opportunity to thrive, make new connections, and take new steps towards our life purpose. The stress and anxiety that once bogged us down is replaced with euphoria, a lightness, and an exhilaration that we are living for ourselves rather than the fear of the past.

If you do need to let go of something, do it and accept whatever comes up. Love yourself and every raw emotion, it will pass and you will be stronger. If you struggle at first to get through the uncomfortable change, just know that this action of letting go and releasing old tension and stress empowers you to develop and grow into your ultimate self.