An Ode To Savasana

As you’re queued into half pigeon, you let out a lion’s breath of release. Sweet, sweet savasana - also known as the moment you’ve been waiting for all class - is coming soon. In just a few minutes, you’ll be lying on your mat, a corpse, examining every drop of sweat that trickles down the side of your face.

You hear your teacher switch the music to, what sounds like, a sultry acoustic version of Grease’s You’re The One That I Want and allow your ujjayi breath to come to an end. You’ve made it, savasana.

Now, let me start with a disclosure. Savasana is my all-time favorite pose, and not just because I get lazy after sixty minutes of inverting my body and holding the dreaded Warrior series. No, no, this pose is so much more than that. Savasana is a saving grace, a period of observation and of absorption. It “seals the deal” on your yoga practice and should never, ever be skipped. (Seriously, how do you walk out before savasana?!)

The Physical Benefits of Savasana

While savasana may not be physically challenging, I like to think it’s one of the most important poses you’ll do in your practice. After an hour of more strenuous asana, savasana greets you to conclude your practice and solidify all of the benefits from the preceding postures.

To add to the glorious reaped benefits, savasana releases stress, fatigue, depression and tension while stimulating blood circulation. It can also help relieve headache pain and insomnia when paired with some slow, full breaths.

The Mental Benefits of Savasana

Yoga is just as much a challenge for the mind as it is for the body, and that’s why savasana is a beautiful mental release that gives you permission to relax your mind. For me, the beginning of my practice is filled with racing thoughts about how I managed to get to my mat, but when savasana hits at the end of practice, the voice in my head kindly shuts up. I no longer battle with the voice telling me to drop into child’s pose when the going gets tough, or the consistent “are you doing this right?” that I seem to drop into every now and again.

Instead, I am blessed with congratulatory thoughts and stillness. I become the witness as I feel the ba-bump of my heart beat regulate and my breath slow down. As my body soaks in the physical benefits, my mind relaxes and resets itself.

Thanks For The Reveries

As your body soaks in all that juicy goodness, savasana also allows you to thank yourself again for coming to your mat and loving yourself. Regardless of where you are at in your practice, it’s a means for showing your body and mind gratitude and is oh-so refreshing. Plus, who doesn’t love the change of a little shoulder-loving adjustments at the end of class?

So, thank you savasana for all that you do. From supporting our past postures to rejuvenating the mind, there’s no question as to why you are my favorite pose and I can’t wait to see you, sweat-soaked Lulu’s and all, again.