Travel Essentials: Stay Comfy On The Road

You’ve been on the road for days, lugging around your suitcases and bags stumbling over your own feet just waiting for the moment you can put everything down and get some z’s. We’ve all been there. I hate to say I’ve been there one too many times to the point that I said ENOUGH! Give me some convenience and a comfy pair of leggings so I can kick back and relax! If you are new to traveling or only familiar with weekend getaways, you may be asking yourself how the travel commercials make it look so easy. Planes aren’t comfortable, let alone being on one for 10+ hours, so what’s an explorer like you to do?

For me, I look to comfort over fashion any day. Seriously, yoga pants are my pantsuit at work. With trial and error, I’ve found these few products to be my go-to's when it comes to traveling:

Sleep Mask

As a traveling yogi, it’s hard to practice sustainability when you’re on the go, especially in foreign countries where you have no idea whether something is eco-friendly or not. That is why I am forever grateful for my natural sleep aide, La Aquarelle Eco Sleep Masks. If I don’t get my beauty sleep, I am not a happy camper (ask my partner!) so it has been life changing to have my own mask for flights, hostels, and any other time I need to get some shut-eye.

These silk masks are made 100% of bamboo silk and naturally dyed with a variety of plants. Plus, because the masks are made of silk and 100% chemical free, you’re not exposing your eyes to dangerous substances that most sleep masks include. I’ve teamed up with La Aquarelle this holiday to give the gift of sleep! This mask is the perfect stocking stuffer for your loved ones and you can take 10% off using AVA10LA at checkout!

Yoga Pants

This is a no-brainer for a yogi. If I can’t sit in lotus pose on the plane, then I know I’m in for a long ride. While yoga pants can look unkempt at times, I love Lilybod leggings because they offer a modern air to the typical workout gear. The best thing about Lilybod leggings is their upscale appearance, yet undoubted comfortability factor. These leggings are the creme-de-la-creme for travel apparel because you get to look like Posh Spice and kickback like Sporty Spice all-in-one. If you’re like me and like to drop into a couple stretches during a layover, these are the leggings you want to do it in.

Inflatable Neck Pillow

Okay, I always used to look at people with neck pillows and laugh because they just look so damn funny, but these things are LIFE SAVERS. I’ve had neck problems for over five years and flying has always been awful for me. Inflatable neck pillows rid me of my long flight woes and now I sleep comfortably on any plane or bus. Since the pillow is inflatable, it is also perfect for backpackers or those traveling light so you can easily stow away and make room for extra bikinis and leggings. What, like I should pack anything else?

Comfiness is subjective, but I am positive that those three must-haves make a world of a difference for traveling experience. Next time you get ready for a trip, grab yourself a sleep mask, some stretchy yoga pants, and an inflatable neck pillow and you’ll feel like you’re in first class wherever you go.


This post is sponsored by La Aquarelle and Lilybod.