Why Yoga: A Love Note To My Practice

I’ve always been one of those people that is generally good at most physical activity. I’m slim, fast, and strong making me a natural at a variety of sports including softball, soccer, and tennis. I tried it all, but it never stuck. There was something missing. The environment in these arenas always called for competition and comparison to others, often creating a sense of stress and need to prove something. To prove I was better, faster, stronger. You can imagine there isn’t much of a sense of zen.

“Do you want to take a hot yoga class with me?” A girlfriend asked when I was twenty years old. At that time, I had no idea I’d go on to religiously taking classes, becoming a yoga teacher, and creating this blog. At 24 years old, I’ve only scraped the surface and I’m aching to learn more:

Yoga Is A Catalyst

Yoga is a practice that digs deep into the depths of your mind, body, and soul. Through excavating the garbage, sifting through the layers of who you are, and upbringing a fiery spirit, you find momentum and motivation to unleash the ultimate you. When you begin practicing yoga the universe opens up for you presenting you with opportunity after opportunity because you are ready. You have awakened a part of your soul that was once asleep and only beauty can come. The beauty may come in strength, in commotion, or a life changing event, but beautiful it all is. There is beauty in all of life, because you have a life. Yoga provides a way for us to recognize the beauty in all.

Without yoga, I never would have begun writing. This creative spirit was hidden in me and it took asana, meditation, and pranayama to provoke the writer within. Through a dance of the body and breath, my greatest ideas present themselves in the most colorful form.

Yoga Is An Outlet

Anger, stress, happiness, sadness - yoga is an outlet for all of it. The emotion, the pain, the struggle, and the glee can all be expressed in the form of yoga. The physical practice of yoga aside, using meditation you are able to step outside of your emotion and the mind to practice observation. By practicing non-judgement, you can observe objectively and disassociate from these emotions. Yoga has shown me that I am not my mind, rather it is the part of me that worries, stresses, and obsesses. When I realized this through the practice of yoga, I was able to free myself of the worry, stress, and obsessions.

The physical practice of yoga uses my sweat as a metaphor for my angst and through asana, I am able to break free from the angst and live as my true self.

Yoga Showed Me Self Love

The way your body moves amazes me as it should amaze you. We are magical beings from the moment our heart starts beating and yoga reminds you of this magic. I’ve seen people practice yoga for the first time astonished at their bodies ability to sway, glide, and dance. We learn to appreciate the most basic abilities of our limbs when we practice yoga. I never thought I’d love my spine for bringing me into full wheel pose or my arms for holding me in chaturanga. I would never have known that I was capable without the practice of yoga.

We may be at different levels, but yoga provides a gentle practice to encourage self-love of the body and soul. You take time during your practice to acknowledge your body for all that is does and it’s everlasting support of you.

To end this love note to my yoga practice, I want to say thank you for showing me the world that is within my soul. For exposing the truth that everything I need I already have. Through the physical and spiritual practices of yoga, I have found that I am endlessly in love with myself and the magic of the world around me. Allow your practice to expose this truth to you.