Staying Fit & Healthy While Traveling Should Be Your Goal For 2017

At the turn of the new year, we gather around our notebooks and journals creating a list of goals and resolutions we strive to achieve. More often than not, staying in shape or maintaining a healthy routine is at the top of that list, but as an avid traveler it is much harder to execute with the constant moving and change in diet. Who could blame you? One of the best parts of traveling abroad is trying new food and really getting a taste of their culture. Pun intended. Rather than going on an extreme diet and neglecting a huge part of your experience abroad, opt for an easier wellness plan, such as yoga,  that will ensure you’ll stay toned and fit as you rack up those passport stamps.

By integrating yoga into your travels, you are creating a consistency in your life that is hard to achieve whilst traveling. This sense of familiarity can give you comfort in times of feeling homesick and offers a way for you to show your body some love when it’s in an unfamiliar environment. Yoga provides an excellent outlet for staying in shape while also deepening your relationship with yourself. It is a practice that grounds us, and while traveling can be incredibly powerful.

Practicing yoga doesn’t have to be a huge commitment which makes it attractive for travelers. With just 15 minutes a day, or 2-3 times a week, you are awakening your muscles, toning your entire body, and checking out from the world to spend time with yourself. If you have a long flight or return from a day-long trek, busting out a few yoga postures to soothe your muscles is a great way to ensure you’re not as sore the next day.

If you’re new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, integrating these postures into your travel itinerary are a simple way to stay fit and healthy while on the road:

Half Pigeon Pose

This pose is fabulous for opening up the hips which can get incredibly tight when traveling for extended periods of time. By placing your knee behind the wrist and sliding the ankle across into an L-Shape with the leg, you can warm up the hip joint and allow for more mobility and flexibility.

Sun Salutation

This series of postures is great to get blood flowing in the morning and can be used as a warm-up for any additional postures. By connecting your breath-to-movement, you are also taking a journey inward and centering yourself through moving meditation. Sun Salutations are also great for toning the arms, core, and thighs.

High-to-Low Plank

Also known as the Chaturanga, high-to-low plank is a full body toning experience that requires engagement of the arms, core, legs, and back. This is one of my favorite poses for flowing through yoga series and can essentially be integrated with any other postures.

With yoga, staying fit while traveling does not have to turn into a massive chore. In addition to these few postures, there is a world of possibility and creative movement that you can explore. Don’t let your fitness and wellness routine take the fun out of traveling and opt for a few of your favorite yoga poses every day!