My Yoga Essentials: Must Haves For The Yogi

Let’s get real - sometimes walking into a yoga studio is the equivalent of walking down New York Fashion Week’s runway. Lululemon mixed paired with awe-inspiring mala beads is certainly my kind of fashion. There’s just something so appealing about a pair of cute leggings, I’m thinking it’s the comfort and the fact that I can drop into a stretch wherever I’d like.

I am a brand loyalist when it comes to yoga gear. It’s not often you’re able to find high-quality apparel and accessories without breaking the bank. Since my closet is made up of 99% yoga goodies, it only seemed right that I share my list of yoga essentials. The clothes, the jewelry, the mats, and the accessories have all been tried and tested to help me drop into my practice.

Affirmats Yoga Mats:

Your yoga mat is your sacred place where you get to journey inward and connect with your mind, body, and soul. Affirmats brings a fresh and inspiring design to what is typically a blank canvas. Each mat is crafted with an affirmation that makes you smile during every chaturanga. My mat, “I AM UNIQUE. I AM BEAUTIFUL,” is a loving reminder to practice self-love during my practice and off the mat. Affirmats are also high quality, biodegradable, and ergonomically friendly. Affirmats has both mats and towels that can be purchased on their website.

Malas With Love:

Handmade in Carlsbad, these malas are astonishingly beautiful. If you chant, meditate, or just like to practice with unique beads, Malas With Love is the perfect accessory for you. There are a lot of mala necklaces and bracelets around, but there’s something special about this brand. Inspired by nature, the creations feature soothing, earthy and oceanic colors. There is a sense of peace and serenity in every bead, which shows that there is pure magic in each creation. Each mala serves a different purpose, whether that be to practice peace, serenity, or grace and can be bought on Etsy here.

Daniel Glass Water Bottles

Say goodbye to plastic water bottles! Seriously, say goodbye because they are so not good for your health. Even if your plastic bottle says “BPA Free,” there’s still dozens of toxins that are just as harmful for you. Instead of conducting a science experiment with your health, opt for a glass water bottle.Not only is glass better for your health, your water actually tastes better and you’re doing the environment a favor. That's why I am obsessed with Daniel Glass water bottles. With energetic colors and incredible marketing, they've stolen my heart and I'll never go back to plastic. Start sippin' with Daniel and get your glass water bottle here.

Magic Carpet Yoga Pants:

Say goodbye to a boring practice with Magic Carpet Yoga Pants! These bad boys have become my absolute favorite due to their unparalleled uniqueness and sass. Funky leggings were the staple of my 2016 yoga pant collection and I am so ga-ga over this company. The leggings are all printed from hand-painted designs so you know you’ve got a one-of-a-kind pair. In addition to their hand-painted leggings, you will find hand painted yoga mats on their website and can use the code KICKING.ASANA for 15% off your purchase!

China Gel:

Holy muscles, if you haven’t tried China Gel you are missing out! The first time I experienced China Gel, my teacher rubbed some on my neck during savasana. As someone with neck problems, this was heaven sent. A topical pain reliever, China Gel offers warming gel that takes away any aches and pains. Unlike Icy Hot, China Gel uses a natural, herbal formula so you know you’ve got the good stuff on. Purchase China Gel in stores or on Amazon.