This Is How You Can Radically Shift Your Life

Let’s get real.We all have those daydreams of traveling to a distant continent working remotely from our laptops as the sounds of waves crash in the background. Or maybe, you ditch the laptop altogether and find yourself traveling from country to country, meeting the locals, tasting new flavors, and experiencing life from a different lens.

Then, the daydream ends to the sound of your coworkers talking loudly about a new episode of Silicon Valley and you’re wondering how the hell to get out of there - for good.

We all have those dreams, but how many have actually made it a reality?

An Opportunity For Growth

Quitting your job, working remote, traveling the globe, or even switching careers is a big step. It’s a life-altering choice that can push you outside of your comfort zone. You know, the unfamiliar place where the groovy fun happens. It can be a little scary, but it’s all about growth, baby.

When you get outside of your comfort zone, you are given an opportunity to radically shift your life for the better. The fear that you feel is merely a guide telling you that the unknown is the right direction. That your dreams aren’t small and boring, rather they are big and exciting. A door is opening for you and it’s about time you get both feet in and take the leap.

When I chose the new door over the familiar one, I looked outside of myself for guidance. There were others living the life I wanted and I knew there was an opportunity to learn from their success. One woman, in particular, Valeria Hinojosa, caught my attention from the start and immediately inspired me to do and be more.

You may know her as @WaterThruSkin, but Valeria is so much more than a stunning Instagram page. She is the essence of standing up and chasing after dreams, and does it with a conscience, too. Similar to many of us,  her story begins with a shiny new job of status in the private banking sector. She worked day in and day out for the next promotion, but each one felt emptier than the last. Her position lacked substance, so it was time for a change.

In just three years, Valeria shifted her life from private banking to conscious lifestyle blogger and yoga teacher. She’s traveled throughout India, Indonesia, Europe, Central and South America experiencing the beauty, the culture, and the unique liveliness that each country offers. She's hosting yoga retreats around the world while sharing her sustainable lifestyle and is living her truth. Sounds like a dream, eh?

Where To Start

So many of us get caught up in self-doubt and worry. We worry about money, we worry if we will ever get a job again, we worry that we won’t be good enough to make it, but these are all just excuses. Valeria says, “Take the risk. Don’t wait for the stars to align because you might end up waiting for a while, creating new excuses every day, and letting your situation consume your soul and essence slowly.”

You don’t need to quit your job today, but if you want to travel the world and teach yoga, why not enroll in a weekend teacher training? Or, pick your dream retreat location and start reaching out to studios.

Have faith in yourself and in your dreams, make a plan, and pursue it at full force!

- Valeria Hinojosa

Start where you are and do what you can, but stay persistent. Nothing good happens overnight or with only 50% commitment. Make a promise to yourself that you will make a change and the energy of that promise alone will push you forward to actually do it.

How To Remove Fear From The Equation

I’m not going to lie, it’s scary starting a new venture! We’re entering unknown territories and are bound to face challenges, but that’s why we need to continue pushing forward. The more that we push and accomplish challenge after challenge, the more we find ourselves comfortable in the unknown.

So, how do you remove the initial fear?

Valeria says, “By losing the fear of failing. The minute we understand that falling is not the synonym of failing, we begin to see life with a different lens. In our journeys, we will fall, make mistakes and get back up stronger several times. And that’s completely ok. That makes us human. But if we give up without even trying, we are failing. Miserably!”

Falling down a few times does not mean you have failed. It means you’ve learned something new.

Find a Source of Inspiration

For Valeria, yoga and writing has inspired her and given her a chance to feel comfortable in her own body. Both serve as outlets, where she can be her rawest self every day and grow simply by strengthening her voice.

What inspires you? Is it reading or writing? Is it cooking? Do you love to paint and create? Often times, the things that inspire us can also lead us to our passion project. Whether it be yoga, starting a blog, or making jewelry, pursue it and stay curious with your craft.

Integrate A Spiritual Practice

The second I stepped on a mat I knew my life was forever changed. The movement and breath, the awareness, the love I felt for myself as I lay in savasana, it was a game changer. I knew I wanted to make others felt as good as I did and that would be my mission.

[Yoga] helped me connect with my body and my soul, and it taught me the importance of non-harm and self-love. On and off my mat.”

- Valeria Hinojosa

Valeria has been teaching yoga for three years now, although her practice spans nearly a decade. It’s a practice she integrates with her conscious lifestyle and inspires upwards of 34,000 people to do the same. She’s hosted retreats around the globe and constantly serves as an influence to live a more mindful and vivid life of purpose.

Surround Yourself With Good Vibrations

I don’t mean the song (unless that’s your thing), rather the good energy that you feel around inspiring and uplifting souls like Vale’s. Your vibe exudes energy into the universe so those you spend your time with have a massive impact on your lifestyle and choices. After talking to Valeria, I knew I wanted to surround myself with people like her so I jumped on the opportunity to attend her upcoming retreat in Kerala, India.

A yoga retreat is the perfect consummation of all the steps listed above to radically shift your life. You jet off to a destination you’ve never been to, surround yourself with like-minded people, and learn about culture and yourself in more ways than you can ever imagine. A small invest today gives you a lifetime of growth and self-love. It’s the perfect first step to take to alter your life.

The one piece of advice Valeria gives is to MAKE IT HAPPEN and that is why I’m excited to share that you can join Valeria and I in Kerala, India in April 2018. We’ll be staying at a breathtaking eco-friendly hotel for six nights and become entirely consumed in yoga, culture, plant-based food, tours, and much more which you can find on the WaterThruSkin website. This retreat is a dream come true to me and I cannot wait to learn and love next to all of you.

To learn more about Valeria and WaterThruSkin, visit her website and check out her incredible Instagram filled with jaw-dropping photos and constant inspiration. And to end, I leave you with this, OWN your story and OWN your change - this life is yours to live:

Be your own hero! Don’t wait for somebody to come save you or show you the way. Pave your own path and crawl it or walk it until you learn to fly. And lastly, don’t be afraid to recreate yourself as many times as you need to until you find that one thing that makes you…YOU.

- Valeria Hinojosa

*A big thank you to Valeria for sitting down for an interview with me. If you have any questions about the retreat, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or contact Vale directly: - See you in April!