The Ebb and Flow of Our Days

You Are Hereby Granted Permission To Take The Day Off

Do you ever get that feeling of immense guilt because you didn’t get out of your PJs all day? Yeah, me too. It’s like there’s a little voice in our mind judging us and belittling us for not giving “100 P” for the gazillionth day in a row. Then, of course, the next day that guilt spills over and has our mind running in ten different directions at once until our productivity level goes into the danger zone and we’ve gotten nothing done at all.

Well, gee thanks, mind!

What they didn’t tell you in “success school,” AKA the books that tell you to run yourself into the ground working towards a goal, is that it is entirely okay to take the day off. Seriously, I know you were changing out of your PJs while reading this, but slip ‘em back on, sister!

There is something so unbelievably profound in understanding your limits and respecting your headspace and body. It’s an agreement with yourself that you do not have to do all the things and be Wonder Woman every single day of your life. (But hey, how good was that movie?!)

When you place expectations on yourself to always be at the top of your game, you are bound to find those days of guilt. Humans are not designed to perform constantly, we need our rest, relaxation, and recharge periods so we can reboot ourselves. Sound re-dundant? Well, I enjoy a good alliteration when I have the opportunity.

Growth, whether that be in your career or spiritual, is uncomfortable and really hard. It’s not rainbows and cupcakes like we imagine it to be. Hell no! You are working yourself in ways you never have before to create new patterns, digest new knowledge and breakthrough barriers. It is T-I-R-I-N-G.

Like the nifty iPhone in your pocket, you need time to charge back up again.

The periods of lethargy, laziness, or decompression should be honored just as much as those periods of “F*ck yeah, I’m kickin’ ass!” The undulation of both phases of life is what allows us to feel gratitude for our strong days, for our successes, and for our humanity.

Now, don’t take this as a hall pass for sitting on your laurels. There is a crystal clear difference between taking a "me day" and dragging your feet around day after day. Consider this post permission to take a day off, hell take two days off if you need to. No one is judging you for wanting to binge-watch the new season of House of Cards or spend three hours at the yoga studio workin’ through some shit, but be aware when you’re crossing the line of resting-to-hit-the-ground-running and resting-because-you-love-to-take-naps. Ya feel me?