Letting Go: It's Place In Emotional Growth

Reiki and the Practice of Letting Go

I’m all about healing modalities these days. Breathwork? Give it to me. Yoga? Let’s do it. Alcohol? Eh, I’ll pass for tonight. It’s no surprise that the Universe put me into contact with Janna Mauceri, spiritual teacher and Reiki Master, who asked me if I would be interested in joining her and one other woman for an evening of learning Reiki Level One.

For those reading that are like “Rei-what?”:

Reiki is a hands-on healing system that is deeply rooted in Eastern traditions, passed from Japan to the United States in the early 1900’s. It’s not tied to any religion and I think that’s why I find it to be so appealing to learn.

Reiki is based on five elements:

Gokai - Or, five spiritual elements Kokyȗ Hô - Or, breathing techniques Tenohira - Or, hands-on palm healing Jumon or Sirushi - Or, symbols and mantras Reiju - Or, attunements

Once you’ve learned the history of Reiki and how to incorporate it’s healing power in life, you are given an attunement. This attunement, or Reiju, is a form of spiritual empowerment that opens the student up to drawing in more energy.

Yesterday evening, I received my first attunement.

It was at that point that we were asked to go on a 21-day cleanse and practice Gokai, or the five spiritual elements of Reiki.

Today is Day One: Just for today, I will let go of anger.

Letting go is an interesting thing. I’ve found as I’ve worked with this concept that it’s become easier and easier to see the areas of my life where I’m not letting go. Some are past resentments that date back to being a teenager and some are fresh wounds.

Either way, letting go is fucking hard.

What Stops Us From Letting Go?

The number one thing stopping us from letting go is the ego. The ego wants to hold on so it can maintain control. It wants to keep control of the emotions so nothing comes as a surprise. There are no outliers. It is easier to walk through life being sure of the way you feel about someone or something, so the ego clings onto these feelings, although the emotions do not serve us.

It takes out the curiosity of “what if?”

What if I let go and lose sight of something altogether? What if I regret it?

Letting go does not equate to forgetting some event or person that in some way or another shaped you into the person you are today.

Letting go is not losing the experience - it’s releasing the emotional bonds of the experience.

Letting Go To Move Forward

When we let go, we create space to move forward. We create space for something new and spectacular.

Something upgraded.

But, that’s only to say that we let go and retain what we’ve learned. Without that past knowledge, we find ourselves stuck in emotional patterns that hurt us. We fall back into shitty relationships, shitty jobs, and shitty friendships.

Letting go and learning must go hand in hand. We are asked to release the emotional shackles that have us tied to this anger, sadness or resentment and instead use the experience as fuel to be better and do better. Find better and ask for better.

It is the ultimate tool in self-growth.

Just for today, I let go of anger

For today only, I let go of anger. A spiritual principle developed by Mikao Usui as a foundational element of Reiki. Today, can you let go of anger? Can you forgive past resentments but remember the lessons? Can you detach the knowledge from the emotion - if only for today?

Today, I practice the art of letting go to serve the highest good of my emotional growth.