Change Your Clothes & Save The Planet


I love how the world is waking up around us to the crucial importance of how we treat the environment and the impacts of our actions. From documentaries to movements, to conscious bloggers and major panels, there is a consciousness revolution happening and everyone is invited to jump on the train.

Changing your entire lifestyle can be a hard ask.- Especially when we’re so comfortable with convenience. So, if you are interested in living a more conscious life keep reading because this post is for you.

As a self-proclaimed fashionista (lately of the yoga leggings and sports bra variety), the biggest change I knew I had to make was with the clothes I wore.

The fashion industry is the second top polluter in the entire world behind oil and outside of the environmental impacts, there’s a myriad of socio-economic impacts that are absolutely despicable... to the point where you have to wonder, if the truth was exposed (which it is), would you still buy your clothes from a certain company?

change your clothes to save the planet: CoolinMilano will be available on Toucheu.

change your clothes to save the planet: CoolinMilano will be available on Toucheu.

Change Your Clothes To Save The Planet:

I get it - clothes are cute and on sale BOGO?! Hell yeah! BUT sales and flashy lights are all a part of the problem. Companies manipulate consumers into WANT, WANT, BUY through their ads showcasing dreamy lifestyles.

You know what lifestyle I want? One where our air is clean, our oceans are swimmable and our community is treated well.

Unfortunately, Forever 21 and H&M don’t promise any of that.

Introducing.... Toucheu:

That’s why I get so excited when I find companies like Toucheu launching in Hong Kong. Their line of luxury handmade and lifestyle goods spawn from the art of craftsmanship and sustainability. Each handpicked from across the globe.

Outside of high-end artisanal products, Toucheu is creating a community of inspired thought leaders. All of which are motivated by consciousness and thoughtful purchase decisions. They go beyond the sale. Their goal is to create lasting changes in the world around them. Honestly these are the types of companies we need more of!

Like many at the forefront of this awakening, Toucheu’s co-founder Fritz Lin began after noticing the unconscious overspending in his inner circle.

“I was disoriented by my circle’s predisposition towards unconscious shopping. One day, I decided to quit and went on to attend a full-time MBA program at a local university in Hong Kong... I learned that fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil and that globalization has quickly replaced traditional craft skills leading to more mass-production and thus environmental degradation. From then on, I simply believe that sustainability is the solution to a brighter future.”


Launched in November 2017, Toucheu works to connect the East and West with handcrafted, ethically-sourced, eco-friendly products. This means the clothing on your back is apart of the solution - not the problem.

Before the launch of Toucheu, Fritz recommends taking small steps to start changing your lifestyle and integrating more sustainable practices.

Sustainable Practices In Fashion:

‘Watch what you buy, whether it is something that you need. Nowadays, there are more and more sustainable brands offering affordable yet long-lasting products. Next is to use less, be smart in using resources, such as going digital rather than printing unnecessarily and even slowly shift your diet to consume more greens. Slowly your decision will transform into a habit and brings a positive impact spiritually and financially.”

It’s an exciting road ahead for Toucheu, weaved with culture, artisanal crafts, and an immense connection to the communities in which they touch. I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s next.

You can stay up to date with Toucheu by visiting their website or following them on Instagram.