What It Means To Live Intuitively Feat. Britt and Tara from Elevate the Globe

Last year, I read a blog on Mindbodygreen that said the best yoga practice for your astrological sign. Being a Scorpio, the author recommended I try Kundalini Yoga. As with any synchronicity, only a few days later during my 200-hour teacher training, we had a special guest come for two hours of Kundalini. I hated it. The intensity and the rise of emotions were too much for me at the time.

I swore off Kundalini for a few months until I started getting a familiar itch to try it again. That itch was followed by listening to The Balanced Blonde Podcast which had a featured episode on Kundalini yoga and high vibe living.

This was when I was first introduced to Britt and Tara of Elevate The Globe.

Both Britt and Tara come from a similar background as mine. Young, excited, and eager to explore the depths of the Self, a connection to a higher power within, and a thirst for personal and positive transformation.

Their energy is contagious and it’s hard not to get excited about their work when you hear them speak. When I found out Britt and Tara would be speaking at The GOOD Fest this upcoming February 3rd, 2018 in Los Angeles, I knew I had to sit down with them so you could get a taste of all they have to offer at Elevate The Globe.

What It Means To Live Intuitively

As a creative, what has always interested me the most was the concept of living intuitively. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “follow your intuition” or “go with your gut” a dozen times, but what does that really mean? What can you do to start tapping into your intuition?

“To us intuitively living is comprised of a few things. First, is using our emotions as our guidance system. We focus on what feels good because when we are feeling good, we know we are in alignment with our soul, the universe, and our life purpose...

Secondly, intuitively living to us is being connected to our higher self, to the source energy, to our angels and our guides, so that we are in alignment to receive the intuitive messages that guide us on our path.”

When you find yourself tapped into this state of alignment and flow, things get really delicious. Your awareness increases, your energy is magnetic, and what’s meant to be will fall into place for you.

But, this doesn’t just “happen.” The Elevate The Globe girls have spent their lifetime developing this connection to the Soul and Universe, so if you don’t feel aligned don’t worry! It is a practice that takes dedication and commitment and anyone can do it.

In fact, your intuition is already there! It might just be the case of a few obstacles being in your way.

To break down those roadblocks, Britt and Tara recommend starting your day by carving out time to connect with your Higher Self.

“This gets you aligned in the elevated vibrations so that you can start your day in the best possible emotion (vibration) available to you. From this place, you will attract situations from that higher vibration emotion throughout your day, and this helps to develop trust with your inner voice and with the universe because you can start to see first-hand the changes that occur in your life from this elevated space.”

Not only are you aligning yourself with elevated vibrations, having a morning practice also allows you to clear your subconscious mind and be more present.

As a common barrier to being able to hear and trust your inner voice, Britt and Tara make sure every morning starts with this space to rise into higher vibrational living throughout the day.

Want to steal a page out of their book? Here’s exactly how they start their day:

“Our routine consists of tuning in to ourselves and the universe (Kundalini Adi Mantra), Gratitude, Breath of Fire, Kundalini Movement, and Meditation. We then drink smoothies, eat a healthy plant-based high vibrational breakfast, and love to get outside and walk! There are also Kundalini Yoga meditations and kriyas (a set of movements) that specifically work on the 6th chakra (the third eye point). Practicing these kriyas and working with this energy center has been very powerful for us in developing our intuition.”

Always remember to start where you are and do what you can. Just as Britt and Tara have done, take baby steps until you get to a point where you feel alignment - then keep practicing~ Tara notes that it will feel like a treasure-hunt, endlessly uncovering one beauty right after the other.

Intuition vs. Ego

In yoga, we’re constantly reminded of the Ego and it’s distracting place in the mind. When beginning the healing work Britt and Tara teach, it is common that the ego will arise, too.

It can be difficult to distinguish at times which thoughts come from the Soul and which come from the Ego, so it’s important to check in with how you feel throughout your day. Are your thoughts lying heavy on your heart? Or are they feeding you with that juicy energy in inspiration we all crave?

The first step in living a more intuitive life is developing that awareness and being able to distinguish which is which. Often once we are able to spot out egoic thoughts we are also able to stop them in their tracks.

“A way to start to identify where it’s coming from is understanding where your emotions are about it. The ego is always attached to lower vibe emotions like fear, doubt, boredom, jealousy, depression, etc and the soul is connected to the high vibes.”

Wherever you are in your journey, be kind to yourself and focus on the positive rather than the negative low-vibe feelings or habits.

The more committed you are to elevating your vibration, the less often you’ll find the Ego taking over, instead finding yourself deeply aligned with your Soul and higher energy.

Did I mention the best part? Britt and Tara are committed to helping everyone get to this state.

“Look at how far you have come instead of how far you still have to go and know that you deserve everything you desire and your desires are yours for a reason. They are the roadmap to your purpose, to your soul, and to your highest path where you will be the happiest. When more people are living their highest path, the energy of the globe will be healthier and at a higher frequency and we all contribute to the energy of the planet and we can all be a part of a change towards a better world.”

Work With Elevate The Globe

Based out of Los Angeles, Britt and Tara founded Elevate The Globe and have numerous offerings available for those looking to live a higher vibrational life. From Kundalini to Angel Card Readings, their mission is to support individuals on their path towards elevated living.

If you’re local to Southern California, you can work with Britt and Tara in person - check out their offerings here. For those that aren’t local, the lovely ladies still have numerous ways in which you can work with them online, including the Raise Your Vibration 7-Day Challenge which teaches a mindset training, cleansing techniques and more. All of their programs can be done through Skype, too, so if you’re feelin’ that pull - DO IT!

And, if you’re like me (AKA way too excited to contain myself), then you MUST see Britt and Tara speak at The GOOD Fest on February 3rd at Hudson Lofts in Los Angeles. As a bonus, all my readers will also get $10 off your ticket when you use code “KICKINGASANA10” at checkout.

This day is going to be FILLED with high vibrations and can easily be the catalyst for you to radically transform your life. Purchase tickets here.

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