Saffron & Sage: A Wellness Center Taken Right Out Of My Dreams


Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt at ease? It’s like the culmination of energy built up in the atmosphere is waiting to take any tension, stress, or worry away. I like to think of it as magic because there’s something so spectacular about immediately feeling at home in a new environment. For a while, there weren’t many places in San Diego that held this light vibration in the air. I had been to Wanderlust Hollywood and Selva Armonia in Costa Rica, but San Diego couldn’t seem to get caught up to speed. Until Saffron & Sage opened in Mission Hills.

Founded by Cristin Smith, Saffron & Sage is THE ANSWER to San Diego’s lacking alternative wellness community.

The Inception of a Curated Space for Health & Healing

In 2012, Cristin visited her doctor and received the news that tumors were found in her neck and thyroid. This began a year-long journey working with a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners from medical doctors to naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, and colon hydrotherapists.

Throughout this time, Cristin spent her days reading and researching on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit, how our emotions impact illness, and how spiritual practices positively impact the body and brain. Most importantly, how the combination of mind, body and spiritual practices can work together in an integrative way.

Needless to say, the knowledge Cristin gained was well-received in her inner circle. She began hosting workshops and classes to share her approach to wellness and introduce the talented practitioners she worked with to the community of San Diego.

“I wanted to create the space that I needed and still need...a space where clients like me could have local and affordable access to a multi-disciplinary team of Practitioners, purchase the non-toxic and natural products they needed and connect with others on a similar journey...”

Saffron & Sage approaches healing through an integration of emotional, physical and spiritual practices.

Much to my pleasure, they are the only holistic wellness center in San Diego that offers memberships focusing on the synergy of mind, body, and spirit. Their offerings start at different stages of the wellness journey giving individuals access to monthly therapies such as acupuncture, meditation, breathwork, massage, energy therapy, yoga classes and more.

The best part? These inclusive memberships meet you wherever you are at in your wellness journey removing any notion of the common “you can’t sit with us” vibe I’ve often found at trendy Los Angeles wellness centers.

“As for the entry points into these offerings, we recognize that we are all at different stages of our wellness journey. Some of us are more focused on the physical element ...others might be more centered around emotional health. Each of our classes is centered on one of the three elements [of mind, body, and spirit] with a small exposure to the other two elements. This allows us to meet our clients where they are at yet invite them to go a little deeper and find connectivity in the other elements.”

Part of Saffron & Sage’s integrative approach is the understanding of bio-individuality AKA the unique makeup of each and every one of us.

Having dealt with migraines for over a decade and being prescribed pills that never helped, this individualistic approach to health and healing has always appealed to me. We’re all different, so it’s crazy to think that ONE thing is going to work for everyone.

Instead, Saffron & Sage creates a personalized plan and support structure specifically for the individual addressing the three areas of dis-ease: toxicity, thoughts, and trauma. Each of their offerings is based upon the research their entire team has collected over the years and personal experience.

A Refreshing Change To San Diego’s Wellness Scene

Driving up to Los Angeles isn’t always viable for those of us living in Central San Diego, so finding the team of practitioners at Saffron & Sage was as if someone snuck into my brain and pulled out the ideal wellness center I’ve dreamt of. You can imagine my excitement when I was able to connect with Cristin.

Outside of their memberships, studio classes, and the extensive list of talented practitioners, Saffron & Sage hosts community gatherings and educational events to foster a communal wellness space and ensure sustainable transformation for each individual.

Each month, you can be sure to find educational events, like the upcoming Mapping Our Emotions on October 11th where you’ll explore the connection between organs and emotions, learn about the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine and get muscle tested. They also host monthly moon circles where they hold space for the lunar cycles and their powerful effects on our lives - you KNOW I’m there.

Where To Find Saffron & Sage

Saffron & Sage focuses on preventative and integrative healthcare at their new location in Mission Hills - but they won’t be stopping there. Eventually, you’ll be able to find Saffron & Sage in North County, Los Angeles and every major city in the country. L-U-C-K-Y US!

Their offerings include Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Spiritual Direction, Psychotherapy, Meditative Therapy, Energy Therapy, Herbology, Massage Therapy and more. You can also check out any of their daily yoga studio offerings Monday-Friday mornings at 6 am or 7:30 am with evening classes Monday-Thursday 6 pm and 7:30 pm.

Connect with Saffron & Sage by visiting their website - or ogle over their gorgeous Instagram here.