5 Gifts We're All Getting This Christmas

I’ll be the first to admit how easy it is to get swept up in holiday fever. I know that once Michael’s Craft Store starts lining their shelves with ornaments and Santa-themed tin cans for cookies that we’re about to be hit with an influx of ads and media illustrating the “perfect” Christmas. Whether it’s the stress of finding a gift for your man or crossing your fingers that you get the new Warrior Mat from Alo, in the end, the point of Christmas is to spend time with your loved ones and find gratitude for what you already have.

But, I know that’s easier said than done - coming from the girl who creates a Pinterest Christmas Wishlist board, Corey says it’s easier for him!

As a gentle reminder, I was inspired last night to put together five gifts we’re all given - regardless of your income, place of residence, or the number of people who surround you. I hope these leave you feeling a little bit more of the true “Christmas Spirit” that Ol’ Saint Nick always wanted us to have.

5 Christmas Gifts Everyone Receives:

1 - Choice

I’m going to drive the gift of choice home a lot throughout this piece because it is something we often forget we all have within us. We are given this gift to direct our own actions. We are able to sculpt our future and to become A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G we want to become.


If you can see it in your mind, you can become it. You have to mindfully CHOOSE that you want something and then take action. You can also “want” something and then choose to stay doing the same things.

The choice is yours.

2 - Breath

Breath is my favorite gift this year because it helps each and every person to become so ridiculously in-tune with their bodies. From taking deep breaths to calm down (Hello, large family get-togethers!) to heading to a breathwork workshop to fast track your way to zen and meditation, our breath is with us every single step of the way as a tool for mindfulness and as medicine.

When you master your breath, you can master your mind.

3 - Action

This gift comes back to us paired with the gift of choice because they really go hand in hand - it’s like wrapping an iPad case and iPad separately except, like, way more developmental.

As the new year approaches us, know that you have the ability to take action. You don’t have to start today and you don’t have to start next week, but if you want to accomplish something or shift your life in some way, you MUST take action.

You MUST get outside of your comfort zone.

But, luckily, we all have the ability to take action - it’s whether or not we choose to do so.

4 - Newness

Say what? So, this is more of an end of the year/Christmas gift, but its energy is unmistakable. Even if you don’t have major New Years Resolutions, when the year ends and a new cycle begins, it is apparent that there is an electric sense of newness in the air.

Use this newness to start planning or to make a change. Ride the wave of this energy and do something you’ve always wanted to.

Newness is sometimes all the motivation we need to go big and create the dream life we’ve been wishing for.

5 - Love

Many of us feel that this isn’t something we all get during the holidays. Depression rates are higher than ever during this time. I feel for those that don’t have the luxury of being with family or loved ones. But, love from others isn’t the only love that we can receive.

It actually begins with the self. The love you show your being. The ways in which you shower yourself with love.

It doesn’t have to be monetary or superficial. It can be something as simple as looking in the mirror and telling yourself “I love you.”

Love is the best and biggest gift that we can give or receive. As it has the most expansive qualities to it.

Really, with love, all of the other gifts above are magnified in their potential.

Take a moment to close your eyes and really lean into all of these gifts. Notice what life will be like when you truly allow yourself to receive each one. Notice how much more powerful the gift of action is than a material possession. At the end of the day, these gifts will carry you throughout all of 2018. I hope you find gratitude for each one.