Marketing Tips for Yoga Teachers

With the launch of my very first course, Kick Ass Branding for Wellness Professionals, I knew it was time to start putting together resources for yoga teachers to learn how to take the business of yoga into their own hands and create their ideal life as a wellness professional. For some, that means teaching at studios or working with private students. For others, it might mean leading retreats or working with different fitness brands. Whatever your goal may be, it is important that you have a marketing plan in place to ensure you are presenting yourself to your audience in a way that allows you to journey down whatever career path you choose.

Over the past seven years, I’ve devoted myself to learning the art of marketing and branding so as a yoga teacher, it has been natural for me to develop an identity online, work with brands, and book teaching gigs I’ve dreamt of for years.

Today, I will give you my five biggest tips for creating a brand online and how to market yourself as a yoga teacher.

Marketing Tips for Yoga Teachers: How To Build Your Yoga Community

Tip #1: Get Yourself A Website

Your website doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but you need to have one. I recommend using Squarespace to start out as they have amazing easy-to-use templates that even the most novice computer user can figure out.

Your website serves as a business card where you can host a realm of information from where you’re currently teaching, how to get in contact with you, or even videos if you want to teach yoga online.

If you are building a website, make sure you have these crucial pages:

  1. About: Give people a taste of who you are and what you represent

  2. Classes/Events: If you’re currently teaching, where can people find you?

  3. Contact: If you want to work with brands or book a corporate yoga gig, for instance, you need some form of contact. I recommend creating a contact form so your personal email address isn’t out in the open for everyone to see.

Tip #2: Video Is HUGE

As a yoga teacher, each class we teach can almost be a performance in front of a crowd. With that being said, getting on video may be uncomfortable at first, but I PROMISE you will be a natural. Video is the most consumable material nowadays when it comes to the online atmosphere, so including video in your marketing plan will elevate everything you’re doing and really get you noticed.

Not sure what to record?

You can record flows, meditation practices, your favorite yoga poses for lower back pain, really anything that you feel would benefit your ideal audience. If you’re trying to book corporate yoga gigs, try recording a video of yoga poses you can do at your desk!

Tip #3: Go LIVE on Instagram or Facebook

Does video make you nauseous? If it does, it’s likely that going live on Instagram or Facebook is terrifying as well. What if people don’t show up? What if I mess up and say something stupid?

Yes, going live is this whole new concept, but it can be so powerful especially if you get consistent with it!

Add Instagram or Facebook Live into your marketing plan this year and make it a regular activity! For example, you can schedule a weekly 30 minute flow for your Instagram followers or a weekly meditation. Going back to themes and ideas, what is it that your audience would best respond to?

If you are going to add this in, be sure to make it a consistent activity so your audience can count on you being there on a certain day at a certain time. Think of it just like your regular yoga class, you’re going to build up that audience week after week and those people will become very loyal to you!

Tip #4: Use to Increase Engagement is one of my FAVORITE platforms right now because it makes finding and engaging with your audience on Instagram SO easy. The platform analyzes any account you type in and shows you the top commenters or engagers for that page. So, you could type in an account of a big Instagram yogi, analyze them, and then start engaging with all of their followers by leaving comments on their recent photos.

When you are leaving comments, be sure to leave something meaningful that starts a conversation. Anything about 3-4 words is likely to make an impression and turn that Instagram user into your follower!

Tip #5: Don’t Focus on Your Following Count, Focus On The Relationships

The title of the tip says it itself, but rather than focusing on increasing your following, focus on increasing your relationship with those that already follow you. Nurture the accounts that have already shown interest in you and in turn, they will be loyal to you.

Yes, it is important to grow your account, but would you rather have 1,000 true fans or 100,000 people who are just following you because you followed them?

What Are You Struggling With?

Marketing isn’t easy, especially with algorithms changing, new products coming out and the growing world of social media, but I want to help you to grow your brand as a wellness professional.

Leveraging platforms like Facebook and Instagram builds the authority of your brand and name and in turn, provides opportunities to work with brands, build a solid roster of clients, and book big teaching gigs.

In my course, Kick Ass Branding, we review how you can grow platforms like Instagram or Facebook, how to identify your target audience, how to SPEAK to them, and a ton of different resources that I’ve tried and tested to grow Kicking Asana. This isn’t guesswork people, it’s the real deal. If you’re interested in learning more about the course, head over to this page and together, we can start building a brand - and life - that you are proud of.

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