A Yogi's Haven: Trilogy Sanctuary in San Diego

trilogy sanctuary

As the elevator door opened, I instantly felt the tension release from my shoulders. I had never been to Trilogy Sanctuary before, but there was that familiar feeling I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Was it the scent of chai wafting in from the cafe or the inviting smiles of the employees?

Who knows, but I felt instantly at ease on Trilogy’s rooftop.

Trilogy Sanctuary opened their doors in 2014 on the night of a full moon (fitting, but we’ll get to that shortly!) in the heart of La Jolla, San Diego. What started as a rooftop yoga studio and cafe has blossomed into a world-renowned space for conscious yogis to gather.

After a few aerial classes under my belt, I had to sit down with the owner, Leila Dora, to learn more about how Trilogy came to be THE ambient locality in La Jolla.

Leila and her husband, Joe, opened Trilogy three years ago as an answer for the lack of communal space where individuals can gather, connect, and have fun alongside incredible yoga classes, nourishing food, and inclusive events.

This lack of environment in San Diego has allowed Trilogy to stand apart from the traditional yoga studios and become a shared space for family, friends, and strangers to come together as a community. It is the tangible energy of being apart of something that I believe is what makes Trilogy so successful and sought after as a studio of choice.

Yoga Classes + Events Offered At Trilogy

Trilogy offers a variety of yoga classes including aerial yoga, Vinyasa, lyra, handstand workshops, and more. Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or a seasoned yogi, there is 100% a class for you. As a must, start with an aerial yoga class on the rooftop to get the full experience of all that Trilogy has to offer.

My first Aerial Lyra class with Teresa

If you’re more into mat classes, their Moon Room boasts infrared panels which provided the most cozy and warm environment during the handstand class I took with Rob Nguyen.

And, if yoga classes weren’t enough to get you excited, their free monthly full moon parties are sure to get you rushing over there. With close to 350 people at their first full moon party of 2018, you are bound to have a good time jumping from an impromptu drum circle to a dance party - sign me up!

Trilogy’s Vegan Cafe

The list goes on endlessly when it comes to Trilogy, but I MUST highlight the cafe as it has quickly shot to the top of one of my favorite places to eat. No, I am not vegan, but if I did make the switch to a plant-based diet, ALL OF MY MONEY would be going to eating there. Try the Lovely Bowl or the Spaghetti and “Meatballs” - obsessed.

The cafe also offers even more opportunity to connect further with the community at Trilogy. From chatting with your yoga teacher over an acai bowl to meeting a fellow freelancer working on the rooftop for the day, the welcoming vibes are unlike any other cafe I’ve snacked at in San Diego.

The Community at Trilogy

From the classes to the cafe, there is no doubt that Trilogy has created an experience, but the cherry on top is the team that works there. Their team cultivates a strong sense of community and that inviting feeling is clear the second you step onto the rooftop. It’s rare to see employees that love to be at their place of work, but at Trilogy, you can tell that they really do love the space and the community it brings together.

Why I Love Trilogy Sanctuary

Trilogy truly is a space of freedom and exploration - and, most importantly, inclusivity. So often we can step inside a studio and feel a sense of righteousness and ego and Trilogy really is the antithesis of that. The energy is palpable and there is nothing more wonderful than finding a yoga studio where you feel welcome, wanted, and loved.

There’s really no place like Trilogy that offers that genuine environment of yoga, great food, fun events, and a kind team. From the playful classes they offer to the dreamy and oh-so visually pleasing rooftop, you can bet that you will see me floating around sipping a smoothie or hanging from a lyra hoop. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me teaching there one day, too. ;)

By the time I finished my aerial yoga class, I knew what that familiar feeling was that I couldn’t put my finger on when I first arrived - I was home.

If you want to take class at Trilogy, head to their website and take advantage of their new student specials that apply for both mat and aerial classes. If you haven’t already, you DEFINITELY need to follow them on Instagram for mouth watering shots of their food and rooftop. And don’t forget to stop by on the next full moon - you’re bound to have a good time!

Trilogy Sanctuary Address: 7650 Girard Ave #400, La Jolla, CA 92037