Gushing With Love - Alo Yoga Review

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During my 200hr yoga teacher training at Indie Yoga, I treated myself to one gift each month as motivation to stay persistent with my hours. One month, it was a larimar mala prayer necklace. The next, a fancy candle from 1502 Candle Co. My final month, however, was something even more special: my first pair of Alo Yoga goddess leggings.If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that my love of Alo has spiraled out of control since then. One pair of leggings has easily turned into a majority of their line and I can’t say that I’m displeased with the fact that I rep Alo Their clothes are the ultimate apparel for yogis - on and off the mat.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to teach at their HQ in Los Angeles and meet the team. I am still gushing over how incredible each individual is and how grateful I am for the experience. So I felt that it was absolutely essential that I share Alo with you guys, too.

And, before I go any, this post is not sponsored.

Meet Alo Yoga

In order to understand my gushing love for Alo, I’ll have to introduce you to the brand itself.

Founded by two long time best friends, Marco DeGeorge and Danny Harris, Alo began in 2007 in Los Angeles with the mission of spreading yoga and its principles to the world at large. The Alo Yoga founder’s goal was to create athleisure clothes that not only elevated your yoga practice but continued the yogic philosophies off the mat. You may recognize them from their patented Goddess Legging that initially drew me to their game-changing line.

They recently released the video, We Are Alo, which dives deep into their history, how they choose and release styles, colors, and trends, as well as their foundation Alo Gives (which obviously makes me SO giddy to see them giving back). From sustainable production to solar-run spaces, they’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to conscious creation.

Here’s the video:

Alo has three stores now in Los Angeles and is in the process of opening up more in New York and San Diego. But, calling it a “store” doesn’t do much justice to the sanctuaries they create. Each is mindfully designed with a cafe and studio with daily classes from the top yoga teachers in the world.

If their production technique and sanctuaries aren’t enough to differentiate them from the masses, their values certainly are. I’ve never felt so empowered by a clothing company and their om-bassadors constantly inspire me to be the best version of myself, to grow, and to cultivate connection in my immediate community. Their ability to practice what they preach and provide this space of community is truly captivating and pushes me and thousands of others to do the same.

My Honest Review of Alo Yoga

I’m sure you’re wondering, well Ava, why would you write an entire blog on a company if it’s not sponsored?

If you’ve ever stepped into a pair of Alo leggings, you know why.

Alo Yoga’s leggings, sports bras, tops, and cover ups, are all engineered for ultimate performance. They literally have an entire page on their website dedicated to educating customers on why their gear is unparalleled. There is no denying that they have easily developed the best athleisure clothing around.

Move over Lululemon.

Whether it’s the uber-soft fabric of their pullover sweater. Or the sculpting technique of their leggings, I feel SO good in everything that I wear from their line. If you catch me walking down the street and don’t see me wearing at least one piece of Alo, then it’s laundry day and I’m waiting for my leggings to dry.

Alo has covered all of the functional and fashionable elements of their clothing here.

Alo Yoga Favorites

Okay, so you’re like totally convinced, right? I know I’m distracted shopping on their site as I write this!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I’ve collected over the years, what are yours?

Alo Yoga  Moto Legging

The High Waist Moto is one of my favorites and rightfully so, it is perfect for flowing and frolicking! They come in TWELVE different colors, so try not to buy one of each.

alo yoga review.jpg

Alo Yoga Lounge Legging

Okay, my girlfriend and I call the Lounge Legging our “second skin” because they are made with the softest fabric EVER. I had to buy them in multiple colors. Simply because they literally feel like butter on my skin. Plus I love how freely I can move and relax in them.

alo yoga lounge legging.jpg

Alo Yoga It Slide

I never thought I’d be a slide girl, but then I tried the It Slide and my whole life changed (aka I only wear these now). Plus, they're lined with fleece so my toesies are always gettin’ their warm on.

Alo Yoga Aria Bra

I am the worst when it comes to wearing bras (not sorry). So when I find a sports bra that feels like nothing is constricting my tatas, I have to have it. The Aria Bra is exactly that, with a cut-out design and medium support (perfect for working out), it’s got my vote as one of my favorites.

I know it is silly to think that a brand can have such a big impact on your life. But when you step into a pair of their leggings and witness the true devotion and passion of their team, it is easy to see why they’ve been as successful as they are and why people are flocking to get their hands on their own set of Alo Yoga clothes.

So now that I’ve confessed my love of Alo Yoga, I have to ask: What’s your favorite piece? Have you tried out any of their line yet or visited one of their stores in LA? Leave a comment below and share your favorites!