Our Green Engagement Party - Eco-Friendly Party Tips

The months leading up to your wedding day are the most special of all. Each and every detail you can plan to perfection curating your own unique fairytale. While blogging about weddings isn’t necessarily my niche, I did recently get engaged and can’t wait to share all of the details of this experience with each of you. Why? Because I’m throwing a green wedding!

With the average wedding price in America  around $35,000and a majority of decor, food, and clothes chosen for the occasion only, I wanted to ensure that the elements that went into everything from the engagement party to the wedding are as friendly to our planet as possible. Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing all the vendors I use so you can plan for a green wedding yourself!

Our Green Engagement Party

To be honest, I completely forgot that engagement parties were a thing until my dozens of relatives and friends started asking me when it was happening. Being that this is my first (and only) wedding, I am still struggling to iron out all the nuances of planning it! Luckily, I had my best friend by my side as well as my mom to take the reins on planning the engagement party in Los Angeles.

The Venue: Malibu Wines

Born and raised in LA, I wanted to celebrate close to where my roots were. Plus, Corey is from Santa Barbara so all our families could easily come together to celebrate in Malibu. We chose Malibu Wines for their adorable outdoor aesthetic and vibrant atmosphere.

Malibu Wines is definitely a local favorite. However I love them because they practice sustainable growth practices to ensure they have a smaller environmental footprint.

When we got to the venue, my bridesmaids greeted me with the cutest handmade floral crown from Cake and Punch and we snapped a few pics in front of the iconic “WINES” sculpture you’ll notice immediately upon arrival.

Keep in mind that Malibu Wines is 100% a hotspot in the area so it gets BUSY. We booked two of their largest tables to secure a spot and decorate for the party. Everything else is first come first serve. You can also bring picnic blankets and have a picnic as they recommend bringing in outside food since they are a wine only venue.

BONUS: If you can swing it, opt for the Malibu Wines Safari. You and your party drive around the winery in an oopen-airJeep with a tour guide explaining the history of the vineyard and stopping to meet the exotic animals they keep throughout the property. The tour ends with a wine tasting in this super cute *super photogenic* grassy knoll.

eco friendly party tips.jpg

The Decor: Bohemian and Eco-Friendly

If you can tell from the photos, I am all about bohemian style when I’m not wearing Alo Yoga, so you can imagine my excitement when I got my flower crown upon arrival! Each crown was made to order and they had a cute setup at the front of Malibu Wines.

Cake and Punch had a pop up shop at the winery that day so I was adorned with gorgeous fresh flowers sourced from the area. I truly felt like a princess after I put mine on!

Next, we had the most amazing table setup thanks to my best friend, Michelle, and my mom. They lined the table with incredible flower arrangements from the farmers market and cherry blossom branches. People were coming up all night asking if they were designers!

We also bought recyclable gold paper straws for guests and left everyone with custom recycled cardboard coasters that had our names and the date on them. Such small but thoughtful details that made the engagement party so special!

Plan Your Own Eco-Friendly Party

If you are in the process of planning your engagement party or celebration of any kind, here are a few ways you can go green and create a chic eco-friendly environment for your guests.

Eco-Friendly Party Tips:

1 - Support Local Businesses

If you’re going to have your party outside of your own, find a space that is locally-owned to host the party. Event spaces, shops, gardens or even parks are great ways to give back to your own community and support local businesses. If you’re going to decorate with flowers, purchase bundles at the farmers market or a local florist!

2 - Use Recyclable Products & Avoid Plastic

Serving food and drink? Use recyclable products such as paper straws, plates, and napkins. Avoid using plastic over paper unless you have purchased re-usable serving-ware. I like to shop for recyclable party supplies on EcoPartyTime.

3 - Only Buy What You Need

Understanding how much to get when you aren’t sure exactly how many people are showing up can be challenging. I always try to only buy what I need. If anything, I do a quick run before or during to get any additional food, drink, or serving ware necessary. Not only do you want to avoid waste, but you want to avoid throwing out perfectly good food or serving products!

4 - Use What You Already Have

I know, I know. Buying new decor, new plates, new clothes, new EVERYTHING for a big party is appealing. But get creative with what you already have! There are dozens of ways to recycle fabrics, holiday lights, and glassware so before you buy, see what you have. Bonus if you team up with some of your party guests to borrow some of their fun party supplies!

5 - Send Electronic Invites

Instead of spending money on paper invites (and using paper!), use an online invitation service to send out your invites. You can use a design platform like Canva to create the perfect invite. Not only will you save money, but you’ll save time on collecting everyone's addresses to send paper invites. It's easy to choose a green alternative instead!

I’d love to know: Do you have a big party coming up? Have you planned an eco-party before? What are some ideas you have for going green during your celebrations? Leave a comment below and share your ideas!