What Wanderlust Festival Taught Me

wanderlust festival

“You need to get a degree if you want to be taken seriously.”

This, among many other slightly condescending normative statements, was a proclamation I heard dozens of times. Whether it was coming from the mouth of my freshman year Spanish teacher, my college counselor, or my father, it was ingrained in my subconscious and influenced many of my decisions throughout my early twenties. 

In fact, I didn't stop believing them until the book Wanderlust: A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self sparkled in front of my eyes as if it were a cherry red stop sign.

After devouring Jeff Krasno and each contributing author’s words from cover to cover, I sought out to attend Wanderlust Festival. What lay in front of me, I had never even dreamed of. 

Pragmatic Wisdom Flooded My Brain Cells

Sure, throughout my academic studies I gained knowledge on how to execute a SWOT Analysis or the Marketing Mix, but has a day gone by where I implemented it? Student loans desperately wished the answer was YES! But, I’m sure you can imagine, that hasn’t been the case. 

The moment I stepped foot into the Speakeasy at Wanderlust Festival, I was flooded with the wisdom of speakers provoking new neural pathways of actionable knowledge I could start implementing immediately. Whether you’ve skimmed the self-help section of the bookstore or have neglected to turn inward to change your life, Wanderlust brings in speakers that evoke emotion, change and a greater understanding of how to step into the world as your happiest and most aligned self. 

After attending Wanderlust Festival, I found myself illuminated by the teachings of their world-renowned speakers and eager to continue spreading their message to as many willing ears as I could.

An Untraditional Approach To Yoga

Yoga, in all its forms, has transformed my life. From breath work to asana (physical poses), my mind and body have co-created an existence that is, while always a work in progress, free from dis-ease. I had been practicing in a studio setting for years before attending Wanderlust Festival and then I pressed the four corners of my feet into my mat in my first class with Caley Alyssa and everything shifted. 

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Through meditation and traditional poses, our kula (community) practiced together and stepped outside of ourselves to experience everything that yoga really is. I felt the outline of my body dissolve in each class I attended, yet, felt innately connected to every limb, muscle, and bone. 

Although I had attempted each pose a dozen times before the festival, Wanderlust Yoga Teachers are among the best yoga teachers in the world and curate an experience unlike any you would find in your traditional Vinyasa class. You may practice poses you “know,” but their stylistic and individual approach to teaching begs you to show up on your mat as the student we all truly are. As a yoga teacher, I left invigorated to incorporate their unique approach into my classes. 

Enthusiastic + Authentic Connection

“Fitting in” and “belonging” are two different concepts that can easily be confused. Where fitting in requires you to shift who you are, belonging doesn’t ask anything of you. Instead, you are simply there to be as you are, and at Wanderlust, who you are is not only accepted but praised. 

Within moments of being at Wanderlust Festival, I felt like screaming from the top of my lungs, “I FOUND MY PEOPLE!”

Each conversation and connection made, I happily gave a piece of my soul in exchange for a piece of theirs and even without their immediate presence, I can still feel their light within me. The community at Wanderlust is overflowing with open hearts and open minds eager to establish a deep connection and give to every encounter. 

It is challenging to put Wanderlust Festival into words because the experience is more than a few sentences. It is an emotion. It is the feeling you get when you are filled with pure bliss, support and an energetic connection to the earth and the hearts beating around you. It is the inner guidance and trust in knowing that once you’ve left, you’ve found your True North and your life will never be the same. 

P.S. If you can't make it to a 4-day Wanderlust Festival, they have Wanderlust 108 all around the nation. I got to bring my mom to Wanderlust 108 Santa Monica and it was SO much fun.

wanderlust 108 santa monica