I Still "Kick Asana," but it isn't everything I'm doing.

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I remember the day I purchased the domain www.kickingasana.com. It was exciting, it felt like a opening a new chapter of a book that was ready for a plot twist. 

And plot twist it was.

Kicking Asana has completely changed my life. From traveling to South America to writing and working with major wellness publications like MindBodyGreen and Wanderlust, the past two years have been unlike anything I could have ever imagined. What started as a way for me to find friends online and travel for free (yup, that was my initial and not very strong "why") has turned into something much, much deeper.

So that is why Kicking Asana is no longer the best representation of who I am, what I am doing or why I am doing it.

I love yoga, don't get me wrong. It was the catalyst that opened my eyes to this entire world. I love teaching it more than anything and the principles and philosophies that go past asana are where my true passions lie.

While I still kick asana every day, I am doing much more than that now. I've been very excited to share this with everyone, to bloom even further, to crack open my shell even more - so let me reintroduce myself. A clearer, more vibrant, more confident version of myself.

My name is Ava Johanna Pendl - Ava Johanna for short as I'll be married a year from now and don't want to go switching things up on you guys again. And hey, for someone who has always felt meh about their name, I really really dig the uniqueness of it.

I am more than yoga poses.

I am a creator. A storyteller. A movement junkie and wellness enthusiast. Yoga does not define me and neither do any of these things. 

What defines me is my approach to life and the relationships I nurture.

My mission in life is to guide and teach honestly and authentically. 

To bridge the gap for individuals craving more love, health, and confidence in every area of life. I am living proof that we can redirect our path and purpose. It only takes a willingness and hunger for something more.

My goal with my work is to ignite that hunger and flame within you by sharing my life as an open book. I will be working over the coming months on local events in Southern California, different freebies and resources for everyone online, and finally, my most excited announcement...

The Alchemized Life Podcast.

This is my soul project. This is my project to give back to each and every one of you. I don't claim to have all the answers - in fact, I definitely don't. But, I am a sponge for wellness and a master of words.

The Alchemized Life Podcast is my way of expanding the world of wellness to those who don’t know where to start, feel lost in the sea of ‘How-to” articles, or need an extra push to begin their journey. Combining the expertise of each guest and my passion for making wellness approachable, my goal is for you to listen and feel empowered and inspired to incorporate the tools you learn into your daily lives. 

The podcast will be launching in June 2018, so make sure to subscribe to my newsletter below in order to get an update on when the first episodes are released. You can also submit questions and requests here. 

This post definitely ended up being longer than I expected - but there's a ton to share and I've been so excited to release this information. Know that I am here for you now more than ever and I read each and every email and comment you leave (and respond!). I love you guys. Together, we are going to rock this world and I am so happy I get to do it alongside you.

With gratitude,
Ava Johanna