A Quick Experiment To Connect to Your Intuition


I don't know if I'm the only one, but there are times when my head is completely puzzled by itself. I sit to meditate and ask for guidance, yet I can't tell the difference between intuition and anxiety. Sometimes, the thoughts can sound so similar. 

Do you feel this way too?

Intuition is a tool that we literally all have within us. It just needs to be honed, honored, and respected because ultimately, the more you listen, the more it speaks up - and vice versa.

I've tried quite a few strategies for "tapping into my intuition" and some have worked, while others have left me questioning if I even have the ability to be intuitive (I do). I'm so excited to share with you all today this tool that I found that, in my opinion, gets you connected faster than anything else.

The best part? All you need is a pen, paper, and some headspace. And I'm not talking about the app, although meditation is involved so if that's your meditation technique of choice then, by all means, grab your phone. 

I've used this technique for gaining clarity on situations in my life that have felt pretty cloudy. In addition, I used it to ask my Higher Self/Intuition: "WHO IS SPEAKING TO ME? IS IT EGO OR IS IT MY SOUL?"

And yes, it was basically at the point of all-caps yelling into the depth of my mind for a damn answer!

Step One: Make time and space for yourself

It is key, regardless of the practice, to create space in your environment and in your mind so you can listen to your intuition. Think about it this way: It's much easier to remember to text a friend back when you don't have a million things on your to-do list and are constantly moving throughout your day.

The first step is to make space for yourself. Find a quiet space where you likely won't be interrupted. You don't have to sit for very long, but I recommend at least ten minutes so you can start to slow down the mind and connect to your breath. If you need a guided meditation to help you do this, you can leave your email in the fields below to be sent my meditation album when it releases on May 1st.

After you've meditated for ten minutes or longer, it's time to take pen to paper. 

Step Two: Free-write about what you need guidance on

Without thinking about it at all, begin to journal about what you need guidance on. Often when I meditate, I will have thoughts arise about the situation so I'll start there by journaling any thoughts that came up. Usually, this will lead me to questions. For example, and this is STRAIGHT from my journal this morning, I wrote this:

I've noticed my intuition speaks to me in my own voice then travels into my solar plexus, the chakra located above the belly button but below the heart. It is the center of confidence so it makes sense that my intuition would find itself poking + prodding there. I'm struggling to tell the difference between intuition and anxiety. They feel similar yet one is guiding me and one is disillusioning me. What is the difference? How do I know what to follow and what to disregard? What is EGO and what is SOUL?

Asking questions is a good thing and I encourage you to get to the point of jotting down questions for your intuition to answer, because this leads us to step three...

Step Three: Switch Hands

Okay so this was actually really challenging from a technical perspective because my non-dominant hand looks like chicken scratch and takes 3x as long to write, but it is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to tapping into the intuition, I promise. 

Once you end up with a question, stop right there and switch the pen to your non-dominant hand. Just allow it to start writing whatever thoughts come into the head. Here's what mine looked like after writing the above paragraph:

The soul will scream and the ego will nag. The ego is fleeting and the soul persists. It knows what is best. 

At that point, I was like OK Intuition I see you...but I still have questions. So that leads us to step four...

Step Four: Begin a Conversation

You're going to have wisdom flowing through your non-dominant hand because you are giving your intuition an open invitation to converse with you. So utilize this time and ask more questions! Take the time to go back and forth between your dominant and non-dominant hand asking questions and receiving answers from your Higher Self. 

This is what it looked like for me:

Dominant Hand: So do I stay or do I go?

Non-Dominant Hand: GO GO GO GO GO

Dominant Hand: How do I break these bonds?

Non-Dominant Hand: Be gentle but firm. Speak the truth and set a precedent for how you and your work must be treated. 

The conversation might be short and pack a ton of clarity within a few lines like the above did, or it might be longer, but stick with it and notice how much space you can create for wisdom to speak through you and onto the page. You can do this for anything too. From relationships to work, your intuition is here to guide you on your path of purpose so allow it to!

I'd love to hear from you: Have you tried this exercise before or plan on trying it now? Let me know what came up for you and if this has helped you to connect more to your intuition.