My Morning Routine - 3 Steps To A Bad Ass Day

If you flashback to 3 years ago, waking up early was a dreaded topic that I avoided at any cost. I was NOT a morning person whatsoever. I lived for late nights binging on Netflix TV shows and snacking hardcore.

Looking at my morning routine from then to now is like black and white. Each morning I wake up when it’s actually still considered “morning” - sometimes as early as 5AM - and start my day on the highest note possible.

There are a few things that I make sure to do everyday to ensure that I set myself up for success throughout the day. It can take as little as 10 minutes or as long as an hour, it really depends on how much time you can carve out before jumping into your to-do list.

Before I start, let me just explain why having a morning routine is SO good for you. Not only are you taking steps each morning to set up your day, you are taking time first thing in the morning for yourself. Often times, we immediately are pulled in different directions, whether that be by other people or by social media. We give up our energy when doing this and rather than having a clear mind to move forward through our day - it is usually scattered.

Instead of giving all of yourself to someone or something first thing in the morning, start with a simple morning routine for yourself and notice how much more groovy your day can be!

Here are my three non-negotiables to starting my morning:

1 - Bulletproof Coffee or Matcha Latte

After drinking a big cup of water, I start my day with a bulletproof coffee or bulletproof matcha latte. I love bulletproof drinks because they are long-lasting and don’t come with the burnout that I typically would experience from a regular cup of coffee. Plus, there isn’t a ton of sugar like I usually would add to a coffee.

All you need for a bulletproof coffee is MCT Oil, ghee butter, and black coffee! I usually add cinnamon or nutmeg to the bottom of my cup before I pour my coffee in so it swirls throughout the drink.

For a matcha latte, you need matcha powder, MCT Oil, ghee butter, water and a splash of coconut milk. I’ve actually been using Suja Juice’s Plant-Protein Milk which I used for my matcha pancakes recipe, and I LOVE it. It’s made with pea protein and so creamy and good.

Whether you’re making the coffee or matcha latte, you’ll blend the liquid, butter and oil for a few seconds until it gets frothy at the top. Pour in your cup and you’ll be good on stimulants all day!

2 - Meditation

You’re going to be hearing a ton from me about meditation, especially because this month is mental health awareness month AND national meditation month. Meditation has been SUCH A GAME CHANGER for me and I never thought I would be able to meditate.

I believe we all go through that resistance of “well, maybe meditation just isn’t for me” and it’s complete bullshit. Meditation has made me less reactive, more in-tune, and more focused throughout my entire day.

I meditate anywhere from 10-20 minutes, using my guided meditations. I love the different guided meditations because I can really choose a theme for my day dependent on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I feel low energy and use the “Protect Your Energy” meditation and other times I feel all over the place and need grounding so I use the “Grounding Yourself” meditation.

There’s really a meditation for everyone and I highly suggest you check it out if you’re serious about starting your practice!

3 - The Morning Mantras

If there is one thing from this list that you should start with, it’s Morning Mantras. I’ve been using this daily email service since the beginning of the year and it has transformed my attitude every single day.

I’m trying to get out of the habit of checking my phone first thing in the morning, but what I’ve started doing instead of scrolling through Instagram is check my Morning Mantra and start my morning with that positivity.

Each mantra is always SO ON POINT. There was one day I was traveling and the mantra was about receiving upgrades in all areas of life and that day I received a free upgrade at our hotel. Crazy right?

You can just silently say the mantra to yourself or out loud. They also have two different types of exercises you can use daily or when you’re really feeling a mantra. Recently, I’ve been writing down the mantra at the top of a page in my journal every day and then free-writing about how amazing my day is as if it already happened.

Plus, it’s only $5.99 a month for this service which is SO freakin worth it. You can check it out here and join the positivity bandwagon with me!

I’d love to hear from you: What other tricks have you used in the morning to start your day off on the right side of the bed? Leave a comment or send me a message on Instagram so we can swap ideas!