The Perfect Mindfulness Starter Kit feat. GlobeIn


Mindfulness. It’s a term that I’ve heard over and over again as I go through my meditation teacher training, teach yoga, and practice wellbeing in my daily life. But what does it actually mean and how do we support mindfulness in a noisy world? For those of you that have been following me for awhile, you are familiar with my infatuation with GlobeIn, a company that delivers curated artisan boxes monthly to your doorstep. This post is dedicated to their Mindfulness Box that was recently released because it aligns so fully with my teachings of mindfulness and includes tools that will support you as you start to journey down the path of wellbeing.

But first, let’s define wellbeing.

In my meditation teacher training, we are redefining what wellbeing means. We suggest that it is the quality of our mind and self-awareness that is the most essential aspect of sustained wellbeing.

Wellbeing is more than being comfortable and happy. It is the process of finding a balance between the mind and the body, understanding and honoring our capabilities and resources, and developing the self-awareness needed to sustain a state of mindfulness.

Since you guys know me, you know that meditation is my number one way of maintaining wellbeing and developing that deep understanding of the relationship between the mind and body.

Every single tool provided in the GlobeIn Mindfulness Box was included to support your state of wellbeing. The intention behind each product is to enhance your mindfulness and meditation experience. In my personal experience, all of these artisan products actually make me crave heading to my meditation pillow!


1 - Mala Beads from India

You’ve likely seen mala beads before, but did you know they are more than a yogi fashion statement? Mala beads are a powerful tool in meditation for reciting mantras or simply counting your breath. Traditionally, a mala necklace will have 108 beads and when you sit to meditate, you either chant or breath for every bead.

My current mantra: “I Am” recited with my GlobeIn Mala Beads.

2 - Mini Usha Bells from India

Sound healing is a powerful way to move energy through you and these Usha Bells make the most beautiful sound. I hang these outside my window by my desk and whenever the wind picks them up, it is a reminder for me to stop and take a deep breath in. A quick mindful moment throughout my day that allows me to press pause and tap into the present moment, rather than worrying about the future or the past.

3 - Lineas Basket from Mexico

If you saw my box from last year, you know I stuck an aloe vera plant in it’s beautiful handwoven interior. Over a year later and I am thrilled to say that it is still holding my aloe vera plant strong! I love that handmade slow fashion is sturdy and doesn’t fall apart - especially with a plant inside! This year, I am using my woven basket from Oaxaca as a catch-all for my yoga products, including yoga straps, massage balls, and more.

4 - Reed Diffuser from Mexico

This is by far my favorite product in the Mindfulness Box because I am a sucker for good scents especially before meditating to open up my intuition and also calm my nervous system. The diffuser also comes with lavender essential oil which is perfect for calming the mind, promoting sleep and tranquility.

Tip: Take your lavender oil and drop 1-2 drops in the palms before meditating. Rub the palms together and inhale for 3 deep breaths to soothe your mind before fully dropping into your meditation.

5 - Simple Habit Meditation App

If you haven’t fully found your meditation practice yet, then this box is your starting point. GlobeIn has also included a redemption code for the app, Simple Habit, which is designed with 5-minute meditations for specific situations and moods.

5 minutes is an awesome starting point and you’d be surprised how quickly 5 minutes will go by especially when you are doing meditations specific to something you are currently needing.

While well-being is a lifelong journey, I truly appreciate that GlobeIn has curated an offering that is not only raising your consciousness but the higher consciousness of the world. Each of the products supports your personal well-being which then impacts the social wellbeing. Additionally, it is so powerful that each of the products that they include - in every box of theirs! - is supporting artisan workers across the globe.

I hope you guys enjoy these products that promote your meditation and mindfulness practices! Let me know which are your favorite and what other products you want to see to support your journey!