Top 3 Podcasts For A Long Drive

top 3 podcasts for a long drive

Podcasts. Podcasts. Podcasts.

THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! (And, I love it).

Podcasts are the perfect way to indulge on information without having to solely focus on one thing. Since I have been driving back and forth to LA from San Diego A LOT this summer, I have been binging on podcasts like crazy. My favorites are The Balanced Blonde, The Bitch Bible and The Melissa Ambrosini Show, but you know a girl’s gotta promote her own podcast!

The Alchemized Life is my baby and with the 12th episode released this week, I felt it was time to share with you the top 3 downloaded podcasts so you can listen yourself and binge your heart out on your next long drive.

In order, here are the top three downloaded podcasts on The Alchemized Life:

1 - The Key to Relationships, Trust, and Creating Love with Mark Groves

This episode of The Alchemized Life can give you the tools to dig into the hard questions about your relationships. We discuss boundaries, how to communicate with your partner, the influence of your parents on your relationships, jealousy, and building trust. This episode will give you the courage to dig deep within yourself and really discover what being in a relationship means to you and how you can deepen your current or future relationships, as well as learn from your past ones.


2 - The Truth About Self Love with Caley Alyssa

This episode of The Alchemized Life Podcast will challenge your notion of self love and provide you with countless tools for injecting more love into your daily practice. You’ll be inspired by Caley’s journey and learn how this internationally recognized yoga teacher was able to succeed in the saturated yoga industry, make a major move to Los Angeles, and gain the confidence necessary for thriving and designing the life of her dreams.


3 - Meditation, Yoga + The Keys to a Creative Life with Miki Ash

Miki shares her experience of finding her yoga practice, it’s evolution, and the route to becoming a yoga and meditation teacher. She shares her practices for tapping into gratitude and creativity in everyday life as well as her favorite tools for staying present and connected.

If you’ve ever been interested in becoming a yoga teacher or enrolling in a teacher training, Miki shares her experience, the number one lessons she learned throughout all the trainings she has completed, and the most important thing she would tell her younger self.


What is your favorite podcast for driving?

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know what your favorite episode or podcast is for driving so I can listen to more inspiration from different creators. I love funny podcasts, wellness podcasts, and anything that inspires people to take action!

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