The Profound Shift That (FINALLY) Got Me Meditating Daily

Photo by  Miki Ash

Photo by Miki Ash

I’ll be the first to admit that before March of this year I was an on-again off-again meditator. I wanted so badly to feel the benefits of meditation, but I never wanted to do the actual work required of reaping those benefits. I know I’m not the only one out there.

Having just finished my 1GiantMind meditation teacher training, my meditation practice is stronger than ever and I am proud of myself for having dedicated every single day since the beginning of March 2018 to meditation.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some days my meditation is only 10 minutes and I have countless thoughts running through my head. While it’s certainly a less gratifying experience than the times where I blast off into outer space, these meditations are just as powerful - more on that later though.

I want to share with you guys the profound experience that convinced me to really start meditating daily and be as devoted to this practice as brushing my teeth.

It all started with a fight.

I know, weird entry to access right?

I had been meditating daily for about a month, but honestly couldn’t really tell if the time I spent with eyes closed was making any difference. We’re all about that instant gratification these days thanks to the internet and I couldn’t be certain that meditation was doing anything.

I felt calmer and more focused afterward, but sometimes that feeling would be fleeting if an external demand rocked me off my zen.

Anyways, back to that fight.

Corey and I both work from home in our wonderful - but small - cottage. We had been traveling a ton lately so it was the first few weeks that we had really been around each other 24/7 and I think we both knew that there were going to be some compromises made in order to continue to make this situation work.

I never thought of myself as an energetic sponge until we did start working from home together. Corey had just started a new job and was stressed about making a good impression (as we all are). I was worried about his stress levels and it turned into a fight.

I wanted so badly for him to go to yoga with me or to journal or to integrate a mindfulness practice to help him alleviate stress, and it was the following words that had a profound impact on me and my practice.

At one point in the conversation, Corey said:

“I know I need to meditate. I see the huge impact it has had on your life. On the way you react to things and on your stress levels. Your practice inspires me and I know that’s what I need to do.”

Woah. I hadn’t even noticed any shifts and yet the person that is always around me noticed?

You know how those that see you all the time don’t usually notice small things like minor weight loss or a partial highlight? I was shocked that he noticed the nuanced psychological benefits of my meditation practice.

I tell this story all the time to people when they ask me about meditation and why I love it so much. It was in that moment that I recognized what a true gift it is to be able to meditate, not only for ourselves but for those in our lives.

It’s a way to calm the brain, reduce stress and promote greater feelings of happiness. When we have a consistent meditation practice we grow our awareness and are able to foster connection, growth and belonging with all living beings.

I know it’s hard to start.

But honestly, meditating once or twice a day for 10-20 minutes is what? 3-5% of your day. Your brain is the most important organ in your body, so why wouldn’t you give it the love, attention, and nourishment it deserves. It’s involved in everything else that you do, so it seems like a no-brainer to make the investment in yourself.

Still scared to sit? Here are three things to make meditation it easier.

1 - Start with a meditation app.

I love 1GiantMind because it is incredibly accessible to any level of meditator. Plus, it’s free forever!

2 - Attend a class.

If you’re local to San Diego, contact me here and come to one of my courses or community meditations. Finding a community of like-minded people that are on the journey with you is so powerful. If you aren’t in San Diego, hit up your yoga studios to see if they have any meditation classes.

3 - Schedule it out.

The number one excuse I had when I was on the rollercoaster of inconsistency was TIME. I felt like I never had the time to sit for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes which is so silly. Meditation creates more time! So, if you’re like I was then scheduling it out will be your biggest ally. Set a recurring reminder for a set time daily that you will devote to meditating so you have no excuse.

Over to you fabulous and conscious humans: Have you had a profound moment in your meditation journey that made you scream YES! THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT BABY!

Or, was there a certain trick or technique that helped you to sit daily? Leave a comment so I can read all your stories! Happy meditating!