A Weekend in Tulum - My Tulum Guide

beachmore tulum airbnb

It’s been 14 hours of travel and I’m officially back in San Diego from an incredible trip to Tulum, Mexico. This is my second time in Tulum and the town is everything I remembered it to be. Friendly people, amazing food, beautiful beaches and drool-worthy aesthetics shaped by hotels and AirBnBs.

Tulum is definitely at the top of my list next to Bali and Costa Rica when I think of places where I could click my heels and instantly transport to. My first experience in Tulum was curated by my good friend, Laina Caltagirone, who founded Soulcation Retreat and took place last year over the course of a week in June. This time, end of February, for a long weekend, I had the reins and can’t wait to share the destinations with you.

Where to Stay in Tulum:

The Beachmore Tulum Airbnb

If you’re looking for a space off the boutique strip and closer to town or traveling with a larger group of people, staying at The Beachmore Tulum is a MUST. The dreamy white Grecian styled home equipped with four full rooms, a lap pool, and full kitchen is perfect for a retreat, party (in my case, bachelorette) or family get together.

saje wellness fortify blend for meditation

We spent the mornings meditating with Saje Wellness on the rooftop then jumping in the pool that dawned “Stay Wild” in it’s depths. For it’s amenities, picture-perfect aesthetic, and amazing customer service, the price is incredibly reasonable and I will definitely be staying there again.

Habitas Tulum

If traveling in a smaller group or preferring to stay closer to the boutique hotels + strip of beach, Habitas Tulum is definitely the way to go. While it is at the very start of the beach, it is a little slice of paradise and definitely tucked away from random people that walk down the beach. All the rooms are set up like massive glamping tents with AC and outdoor showers that are weaved into the jungle. It was a dream to stay there.

habitas tulum

I absolutely loved my time at Habitas and made a point to come back for sunset drinks while visiting for the long weekend and enjoyed mezcal shots with a cricket “chaser” (don’t knock it til you try it!). The food is incredible too - so fresh and unique with their flavors.

habitas in tulum.JPG

During my first trip in Tulum, I had time to get a spa treatment at Habitas and opted for the Mayan abdominal massage and it was out of this world. During the entire massage, copal is burning and the masseuse was so intuitive with her tension. I would 100% go back and do this again on my next trip down.

Where To Eat + Drink in Tulum

Just typing “eat in tulum” makes me want to drool because the food is some of the best and most unique recipes I have ever had in my entire life. Every single meal we had was supreme and can essentially be accommodated for all different dietary restrictions (there is amazing vegan, gluten free, and vegetarian options all over). Here are my favorite spots to eat in Tulum:

Rosa Negra

Latin American with a major vibe. We loved the soft shell crab tacos, empenadas, and street corn. Plus, they gave us champagne outside of the bathroom and ended the night with a giant piece of carrot cake and sparklers. This is by far my favorite restaurant when it comes to vibe, food, and drinks.

The Real Coconut

Located in Hotel Sanara, The Real Coconut is a gluten-free and vegan dream. Their GF/DF quesadilla with shrimp (real shrimp) was insane and it’s right on the beach so you can take a dip in the ocean after.


Cash only but incredible. This was one of my favorite meals and cocktails in Tulum. They have super high quality meat and fresh fish. We were all obsessed with our meals.


Like I mentioned, Habitas is the spot. Their grilled octopus was my favorite and we all loved the trio of hummus with pita and ceviche from the bar menu.

Casa Jaguar

If you love cocktails, Casa Jaguar is a dream. Every drink is custom made and the mixologists will take the time to ask you what kinds of alcohol you prefer, your favorite types of flavors, and more. It was definitely on the pricier side at 300 pesos a drink, but so worth it.

Kin Toh

Kin Toh is definitely a must for the experience and the drinks. We didn’t get food, but we did sit in the famous “nests” before heading over to the bar to get drinks. Their cocktails were my favorite out of all the places we went - but again pricey. To be honest, most places are pricey on the boutique strip so get ready to pay regular prices like you would in the states.

Burrito Amor

Located in the town of Tulum, Burrito Amor had AMAZING burritos and offers a GF option with a coconut flour tortilla. It was delicious and definitely worth the trek from the beach.


Great for drinks and late night vibes, Gitano is a super fun time and has a club-y atmosphere. Although, the first time I went there my pants caught on fire thanks to the tea lights all over the floor so maybe opt for shorts.

What I Packed for Tulum

Okay so I felt the need to add in this little bit because we left for Tulum with the belief that it was going to rain the entire weekend - it didn’t rain once. My packing list is pretty basic, but it was important to curate a perfect weekend at the AirBnb for a group of girls.

Vitamin A Swim

Okay, hello new favorite swimwear line! Vitamin A swim has THE cutest line of two pieces and I am seriously obsessed. Vitamin A bikinis sustainably are designed and produced locally in California with EcoLux fabric - a technically and environmentally superior luxe fabric, made from recycled nylon.

tulum airbnb

Liquid IV

This was MAJOR especially for the amount of drinking that went down. I don’t usually drink, so my body is super sensitive to alcohol and Liquid IV made the entire trip. Seriously, no hangover at all. We also loved it because it is SO hot there and you are constantly walking so the extra hydration was clutch. Plus, you can get Liquid IV at Costco which is pretty dope.

Link to purchase.


Fortify Blend by Saje Natural Wellness

Besides making our meditation time amazing, the Fortify blend by Saje is amazing for traveling. It is made for getting over coughs and colds so I loved using it on the plane and whenever I started feeling less than 100%. We packed one for each girl on the trip and everyone was stoked to have it throughout the weekend.

Link to purchase.

Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray

Another MUST for traveling is my favorite from Beekeeper’s Naturals: the Propolis Spray. It’s small and compact so you can carry it with you on the plane and virtually everywhere you go. To quote Beekeeper’s Naturals: “With over 300 beneficial compounds, propolis is nature's ultimate defender and a powerful superfood for prevention, treatment and fighting off free radicals during periods of stress. Use bee propolis daily for bulletproof immunity and to get a dose of high-grade vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Bee propolis is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and a must-have for anyone who trains hard, travels hard or suffers from colds, flus or sore throats.” 100% YES from me.

Link to purchase. (P.S. Use code “AlchemizedLife15” for 15% off)

beekeepers naturals and saje wellness

Vital Proteins

Okay, bringing my Vital Proteins was the BEST DECISION EVER. Seriously, we made coffees with the coconut collagen creamer every morning and they were so delicious. While we had the bigger container for our entire group, Vital Proteins also has small single packets of their creamers that are perfect for traveling. I also love the Collagen Beauty Water packets which we may or may not have combined with blended mango margaritas.

Link to purchase.

Fourth & Heart Ghee Butter

You guys already know how much I love Fourth & Heart Ghee - and my love continues to grow with their travel packets that are perfect for blending with coffee or for cooking. As you can see by the photo below, we made pretty incredible butter coffee drinks every morning using the Fourth & Heart Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee packets. YUM.

Link to purchase.

vital proteins