3 Things Your Doing To Disconnect From Your Intuition + Gut

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2020

Last night, Corey and I started watching the new season of The Good Place on Netflix. It’s a silly show that really has nothing to do with this blog besides the fact that one of the main character’s greatest downfall is his inability to make a decision.

This, obviously, leads me to the theme of this blog + vlog.

In my work with my mentees and my upcoming course, Be Your Own Mentor, chronic indecision and questioning is a cornerstone of what we talk about because it can run rampant in every area of your life.

From your boyfriend asking you what you want to eat for dinner (jokes) to finally quitting your job to pursue your passion, indecision and the constant questioning of oneself is deadly if we let it take over.


Our intuition is speaking to us constantly through thoughts, feelings, and outside signs. The moment we are presented with an opportunity, a question or a nudge, our intuition responds. Over time, when we are constantly questioning ourselves or indecisive about what to do, we stifle that intuitive hit. It’ll go silent, because, why the hell wouldn’t it after being ignored for so long?

I’ve spoken about this before on the podcast series themed around confidence because let’s be real: if we are questioning ourselves and indecisive about our career, relationships, or self-image, then how confident can we really be?

So today, I’m going to share with you three ways you may be sneakily falling into the trap of indecision and three ways you can start to take your power back.



I’m not going to share the obvious ways we question ourselves because you already know what those are. Instead, let’s get straight to the point with the more nuanced ways we are stifling our intuition and being indecisive AF.

1 - You never trust in yourself

Imagine you are driving on the freeway and have an amazing idea come to your mind. This idea is going to be the thing that allows you to finally quit your full-time job. Immediately, you call up your partner or friend and tell them your idea and ask them what they think. 

They don’t get it and respond with the same enthusiasm as you have so you immediately start to second guess the idea. Your mind fills with thoughts like “What if it doesn’t work?” or “If they don’t get it, no one else will.”

First of all, as a creative and intuitive being, MOST people are not going to get your ideas. That’s why you are different, unique and offering something no one else can.

Second, can you see how your intuition provided you with a creative solution to get you into alignment with your passions and you immediately discredited it by seeking validation outside of yourself.


The next time you have a creative idea or intuitive hit, rather than seeking external validation immediately, allow yourself to sit with it. Grab a journal or your laptop and take a couple of steps towards flushing the idea out before you bring it to someone else. And remember someone’s response to something that excites you should not change how you feel about it.  

2 - You self-sabotage your nudges from the Universe

You’ve got this amazing idea that you’ve started taking steps towards bringing to fruition to finally get you out of your 9-5 job. Things are falling into place and then suddenly, the Universe nudges you to finally take the leap by bringing the ultimatum to leave your current job.

Initially, you see it as a sign. A gift even. You recognize that, while it is scary, everything happens for a reason and you feel ready.

But then you have a little bit of space to think and your ego starts to question everything: your ability to make money, your ability to stay organized...all of it. So much fear creeps in that you talk yourself out of leaving your job because you still need more time to create the perfect plan.

I’m sure just by reading this you know how problematic that is. The moment we start questioning ourselves, we are turning our back on our own ability to show up and rise to the occasion. The reality of it is that there will never be a perfect time to do anything and we are going to continue getting those nudges from the Universe until we listen.


Nudges only become bigger and bigger until the Universe throws a real monkey wrench into our lives. The next time that you experience your ego and fear taking control of your thinking process, give yourself the space to witness it for what it is, accept that you are feeling it, and then proceed anyways.

This is why I love meditation as a tool for observing our fear and our thoughts. The fear doesn’t ever really go away, but the more that we can hold space for it and still proceed forward, the less it controls everything that we do.

3 - You keep buying the books, listening to the podcasts, or enlisting in help outside of yourself

Now, I am all for continuing to learn throughout our lives and books, podcasts, mentors, and trainings are all fabulous ways to do so. However, at what point are you going to recognize that you have this incredible intuitive guidance within you that already knows all of the answers? At what point are you going to feel truly empowered by your own experience and your own strength to know that you are fully capable of showing up for any and all experiences in life?


In my course, Be Your Own Mentor, I am teaching students exactly how to starting turning inward and calling on the intuition above all for guidance. It’s an opportunity to feel empowered without needing to rely on external validation or feedback, as it combines all of the tools and practices that focus on intuition, trust, and confidence within ourselves.

The bottom line is that you are constantly being guided back into alignment and indecisiveness is simply a way our mind fabricates roadblocks to prevent us from getting to the answer sooner. 

With the above practices, you can start to shift the sneaky habits that quiet the intuition and instead empower yourself and lean into the intuition.


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