Alo Yoga Holiday Gift Guide

alo yoga holiday gift guide

As most of you know, at the beginning of November I hosted my first workshop at Alo Yoga in Beverly Hills. It was AMAZING. I was surrounded by old friends, new friends, and even my mom came! (Hi, mom!)

After the workshop, my girlfriends that came with me decided to peak around the store - they had never shopped at Alo before. Obviously, I was eager to show them my favorite yoga pants, sports bras, and jackets. This sparked an idea inside my head to bring back the gift guide for 2018 that was BEYOND popular last time I released it.

It is the holiday’s so with gift shopping in full effect, here are my favorite picks from Alo Yoga’s Winter collection:

100% Yogi Approved Clothing:

If you haven’t gotten your hands on one of Alo’s AloSoft pieces, you need to stop what you’re doing and check out these pieces below NOW. AloSoft is seriously the most comfortable and luxurious fabric I have ever put on - it’s like butter on your legs.

AloSoft Goddess Legging

alo yoga goddess legging

The Goddess legging was my intro to Alo Yoga and I had only owned one pair until they came out with the AloSoft Goddess. Like I said, super freakin’ comfortable and literally anyone that enjoys wearing yoga clothes will enjoy this legging.

AloSoft Base Bra

alo yoga base bra

The Base Bra is super flattering and perfect for any yoga class. I love how it fits on smaller frames and again - IT’S SO SOFT!

The Best Accessory You Could Get a Yogi:

alo yoga warrior mat

Warrior Mat

Confession: Corey got me this for my birthday and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It is the best mat EVER. You don’t need a towel because it’s super grippy and absorbent. I go to heated yoga classes and it works like a charm, plus its got a great thickness to it so your knees won’t start to hurt if you’re in a low lunge.

For Braving the "Winter":

Foxy Sherpa

foxy sherpa jacket alo yoga

Winter looks a little different in San Diego than it does in a lot of other places across the globe, but the Foxy Sherpa is multifunctional - almost like you can make it as warm as you need it to be. The hood is detachable which adds that layer of heat, so for those in SoCal, I recommend detaching the hood until you make your way up to the snow!

& For the Male Yogi in your life:

Ultimate Long Sleeve

alo yoga for men

Well, for any male in your life. While this shirt can definitely be used in the studio, Corey loves wearing his all the time. He actually has the same Ultimate Long Sleeve in two colors because it fits so well and is perfect for the colder months. I had been trying to get Corey to wear Alo since I first discovered the brand and of course, now that he’s in it he wants one of everything.

Have you seen my original gift guide? Most of the products are still available so check it out here and let me know, what is your favorite yogi-approved gift for the holiday season?