Finding Solace at Bambu Indah in Bali


I had seen the sustainable luxury resort through dozens of beautiful Instagram accounts. Each photo depicting a eco-friendly haven for the conscious traveler that errs on the side of chic when it comes to accommodation preferences. When I saw Bambu Indah online, I knew it was going to be a special experience. I had no idea that it would be *this* special though.

My fiance and I were on the last leg of our Bali journey when we arrived at Bambu Indah, just outside of Ubud, the cultural heart of this incredible country. We were tired and hungry as we towed our travel backpacks through the first bamboo structure to check in. Immediately, we were greeted by kind staff as we stood in awe of the architecture, massive bamboo trunks and jungle surrounding us.

We had arrived.

From the dinosaur-sized alocasia leaves to the fragrant lemongrass bushes, greenery and garden lined the front restaurant and concierge area. We could hear the sound of chickens and roosters faintly, but otherwise it was quiet and serene, which was a stark difference from the constant sound of motorbikes you hear throughout most of Bali.

The perfect end to our three weeks of traveling.

We were swept up in the smell of food being served so we followed our noses to the Bambu Kitchen Restaurant for lunch.

Eating at Bambu Indah

I really didn’t have a bad meal at all in Bali, but the food at Bambu Indah blew everything out of the water. Each flavor felt so intentional and my stomach felt bottomless. Every bite had me practically salivating for the next one - I was seriously in food heaven.

Our first meal at Bambu Kitchen Restaurant was jaw-dropping good and we only ordered the Nasi Goreng! We had been eating this dish at every single stop throughout our journey and this was by far the best it had ever been. Topped with some spicy sambal matah and it was a match made in heaven.

In the evening, we had to try the popular River Warung Restaurant. At the bottom of the property, right on the Ayung River and tropical jungle, we sat at a romantically lit table in complete gratitude for the experience we were having at the resort and the incredible food that was to come.

We enjoyed fresh fish cooked over an open fire right in front of us and, of course, some sambal matah to top it off. The sound of the river in the background made the experience even more magical as we savored every last bite.

I’m not surprised that the food was this good. Bambu Kitchen Restaurant and The River Warung Restaurant uses at least 75% Indonesia-produced ingredients and pulls all of their fruits, vegetables and herbs on site. Each morning, their team of gardeners, led by permaculture experts, plant and harvest traditional Balinese rise, organic vegetables, herbs and flowers throughout the property.

With fully bellies, we went to explore the rest of Bambu Indah’s lush property.

Exploring Bambu Indah


When we first arrived on the property, we were given a tour by their small team and trekked the 108 steps down to the lower end of the property by the river. At the end of the walkway, our guide shared with us that outside of taking the steps, we could also take the two person bamboo elevator. This was our favorite part of the experience and we deemed the elevator ride “the vortex.” It felt straight out of Indiana Jones and smelled of fresh leaves and soil.

Before we ventured to our home for the next two nights, we explored the Minang House at the top of the property. The dark bamboo was unlike anything else I had ever seen and boasted a large interior that held yoga classes for guests. The most spectacular part of the Minang House was the installed Minang Harp that was connected to the bamboo structure. Installed by Rudiger Schodel, the harp vibrated my entire being with every string I picked.


The weather was thick with humidity and I had been dying to jump in the water, so we excitedly made our way to one of the several swimming ponds. The handmade pools throughout Bambu Indah are all free from chemicals or unnatural ingredients offering a sustainable option for enjoying the water. Of course, our favorite part was swinging in using the Tarzan swing found at both pools.

After enjoying the water and sunshine, we finally found our way to our room: The Copper House.

The Copper House at Bambu Indah


If you’re wondering what my dream room is, then take a peek at the dreamy Copper House at Bambu Indah. Nestled in the trees, Corey and I felt like a serious Tarzan and Jane as we celebrated our recent engagement.

We were welcomed to our room with a spread of flower petals spelling out “Congratulations” on the bamboo floors of the open-air room. In the middle of the room, our bed welcomed us with bamboo shoots holding sheer curtains. We found out later that the inside of the shoots had A/C directed through them so when nighttime came, the interior of the king-sized bed would be cool and free from outside humidity and bugs. Mind blown, I know.

The Copper House overlooked the river and the vastness of the jungle laid out in front of us as we drew ourselves a bath in the copper tub that sat on the edge of the tree house. Serenity, peace, gratitude overflowed as we sat reflecting on how incredible our experience at Bambu Indah had been so far.


From the moment we arrived to our early departure, we were taken care of. As we packed our bags and left at 3am, a concierge met us at the front with a care package of breakfast to take on our drive back to Denpasar.

I was sad to leave to grounds, but thankful for the experience. Thankful to have meditated in the quiet jungle while the sun rose above my head. Thankful to have tasted fresh, sustainable ingredients grown from the earth around me. It was an experience I’ll never forget and I can’t wait to come back.