3 Things 25 Taught Me + 3 Things 26 Will Bring

birthday intentions

Every year, I ask myself the same question:

What did I learn this past year and what am I calling in this year?

If you and I are friends, you’ve likely heard this question come out of my mouth on your birthday too.

Reflection is a purposeful way of building awareness. You can go through life celebrating year after year, but true change and impact come when you take a step back and look at where you are at and where you want to go.

You can really ask yourself this question every month - but I save it for the yearly birthday celebration.

I’ve never shared it publicly but felt called to this year because of the wide net each of these lessons and intentions cover.

Let’s start first with the three main things I learned this past year:

1 - Slow down enough to celebrate yourself

This is by far the most impactful thing I’ve learned at 25. The world celebrates “hustle” and “work hard play hard,” but we’ve skipped over the most crucial step of success: celebration. I’ve found that the times that I forget to celebrate myself, I get caught up in a web of questions like:

“Am I doing enough?”

“Could I be doing more?”

“Is anything that I’m doing even making a difference?”

Obviously, this is not the best mentality to have. It keeps me rooted in limiting beliefs about myself and my worth. Instead, I want to celebrate every single step of the way. Each one is necessary for my growth, so celebrating each one equally has helped me to recognize my power and my value.

2 - Meditation is the most important thing I can do for my mind, body, and soul

This year is the first year I’ve ever had a consistent daily meditation practice and it has been life-changing on so many levels. Taking anywhere from 10-20 minutes a day has shown me the power of pausing, stillness, and LISTENING. I’ve found my emotions to be more even, my responses to come from logic and balance, and my intuition to be on fire.

The brain is responsible for everything - absolutely everything - that we do. Meditation is the way to nurture the brain. I can’t recommend it enough and that is why I am so passionate about teaching meditation.

3 - Consistency will always get you where you need to go

I love change and instant gratification as much as the next millennial, so this has been an important lesson that I’ve rooted myself in this past year. Consistency is key! You have to be consistent if you want to see results. Everything that I am consistent in has seen massive success and while it wasn’t overnight, it still happened.

Everything takes time to germinate so it also asks that you be patient and trust that all is coming as long as you keep working on it little by little each day.

Okay, so now that you see what I’ve learned this past year, let’s switch gears to what I am calling in in my 26th lap around the sun.

1 - Less screen time + more time with what is physically in front of me

Now that iPhones share how much time you spend on them, I know that I am spending too much of my day focusing on what is out there but not right in front of me. Sure, 90% of my career is currently digital, but there is so much mindless time I spend on Instagram or in my inbox.

This next year, I’m focusing on using my screen time effectively for creating, connecting and inspiring. I’m cutting down the time I spend on apps so I can nurture my relationships and be present in every moment.

2 - Self-confidence that doesn’t rely on external affirmation.

This is going to be the big one this year that I’m excited to tackle. I want to be proud of myself without the likes or comments. I want to be confident in the work I am putting out into the world and sure that it is exceptional without anyone saying it is so. I want to KNOW that it is so because I am deeply rooted in my value and worth.

I’ll be doing a lot of inner child work to heal past wounds and stories that have led me away from self-confidence. I’ll use meditation and breathwork to help process and sit with emotions that come up. I know I can tackle this when I put in the work and simply writing these words engages a spark in my heart that it is already happening.

3 - More opportunities with speaking engagements, events, and creative digital offerings

I love getting up on a stage and speaking to you guys. It is one of my biggest passions that I never imagined would be a passion of mine. I also love planning events and have a big one coming up in June (subscribe below to stay up to date and receive a free gift from me!).

In this next year, I can’t wait to be booked for even more speaking engagements, even more events, and finally, create even more digital offerings for all of you around the globe to work with me. I really want to change the world and be a light for so many people, so I’m excited to continue growing that!

Getting all of the above out on “paper” feels incredible + also holds me accountable to live up to these intentions! Over to you: What are you calling in this next year? Leave a comment to share and reach out if I can support you in anyway!