How To Heal Triggers Around Trust

heal triggers

The word trust has this icky feeling attached to it. We think of trust negatively, often drifting back to a time a lover or a friend had broken it. There may even be instances when we’ve broken it with ourselves.

I mean really — do you ever reflect and say “Wow, he was so trustworthy!”

Usually, it’s more like, “That asshole lied nonstop, I couldn’t trust a word he said!”

When a word holds so much of our past within its consonants and vowels, how do we flip the switch so it can be illuminated under a new light?

In order to experience trust again, we must release all the prior definitions via experience that trained our minds to believe it to be one way.

You know, the experiences that led us to believe there are no good guys out there.

Trust, itself, isn’t some hardly attainable feeling. It is neutral and simply an idea that we’ve wrapped in heartbreak, lies, and disappointment.

That is a whole lot of responsibility for a single word, right?

The beauty is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of shivering at the thought of trusting another individual, it is necessary to dig deeper and look at the why that created the visceral response.

Where did it originate? What is the cause? Or, better yet, who is the cause?

This isn’t preaching forgiveness, it’s preaching awareness.

Build awareness around the experiences that trigger mistrust about the word trust. Through awareness, you can begin to understand why someone — yourself included — may have acted as they did.

Does it always make it right? No, but by taking an omnipresent view of past events you can begin to neutralize and heal the emotions and experience-based definition behind the word trust.