Mornings with Ava: How I Ease Into My Day


Your morning sets a tone for the entire day.

No really. Think about it this way:

You wake up and your alarm has been ringing for the past ten minutes. You’re already in a frantic state because you’ve overslept, then you rush out of bed under the impression that you’ll be late to your first meeting of the day. You hurry through everything, maybe forget to eat, spill a little coffee on your new white t-shirt and then speed off in your car to get to where you’re going.

I don’t know about you, but just reading that makes me anxious.

It’s no wonder though, as that was my life for over a decade. Even in high school I had no morning routine. I’d sleep in as long as humanly possible, try begging my mom to not make me go to school that day, and then take a solid 5 minutes to brush my hair and my teeth, change then head out the door.

That hurried attitude carried into college then my first jobs in the corporate space.

And while I reflect back on it now, all I think about is how that created this rushed and anxious experience for the rest of my day.

My baseline from the moment I opened my eyes was to be in a state of stress.

You guys know what came next: migraines, inflammation, loss of eyesight, the whole nine yards.

To keep things brief, let’s flash forward to now:

I wake up anytime between 6-7 and start my day in bed.

I fill out my 5 Minute Journal, grab my phone for the 1GiantMind meditation app, then sit for 20 minutes in stillness.

After that, I speed things up a bit but maintain my intentional present state the entire time.

Living with intention and starting my morning on this note has created a ripple effect for the rest of my day. I’m more present in meetings, I am quicker to respond when a challenge presents itself, I don’t feel like I’m rushing or feel like I’ll ever be late (it’s really a wonderful thing to never have to worry about being late). 

These little changes have made me reflect on where else I can be intentional in my life. First was my mornings, then relationships, then the food that I put in my body. I realized on all levels, it was a lean into simplification above anything else.

So while my life used to feel like chaos (sometimes it still does!), full of stress and that “chicken running around with it’s head cut off” feeling, I don’t experience that anymore. 

On a mental level, I’m clearer, more creative. On a physical level, my body is thriving. Energized, functioning, DIGESTING (crazy what happens when we’re in a constant state of stress, y’all).

Now, this is how my mornings influence my day:

After my meditation, I create a ton of space for myself.

I only take 3-4 meetings a day at a maximum and check my inbox 2-3 times throughout the day. I don’t stress myself out about getting back to every single email, but try not to let any email go un-answered within 48 hours.

Nutrition + Diet

I fill my body with really nutritious foods the entire day. I don’t limit myself to any specific diet, but I make sure that I’m getting all the nutrients I need. I supplement my meals with Essentials Packets by New Earth to ensure I’m continuously feeding my gut and body with the fuel it needs. These packets contain digestive enzymes, organic Wild Microalgae, pro and prebiotics that simplify my daily nutrition routine so whether I’m eating a super healthy plant-based meal or opt for a creamy latte, I know I’m still feeding my body with high quality nutrients.

Try the Essentials Packets by New Earth and get 10% off by using the code ALCHEMIZED at

Body + Movement

I also allow my body the flexibility to tell me whether it craves movement or rest. I don’t work out every day, sometimes I won’t practice yoga for weeks. I find that balancing movement and rest by listening to my body and tuning in has supported me to feel the best I ever have and strongest I’ve ever been.

Overall, having a slow start to the day has made the biggest impact on my life. It sets a tone for me to be present rather than stressed, to listen to my body, and to connect to my own power rather than feel like I’m running on empty. 

For those of you reading that are interested in incorporating more of this slowness into your lifestyle, here are a few ways you can start:

  • Meditate before you do anything else, even if it’s just 5 minutes

  • Don’t jump into your emails right away, do a few things before you open your phone like drink water, wash your face, or take your Essentials supplements from New Earth :)

  • Reduce the number of meetings you take in a single day and give yourself space between each one.

  • Take time to breathe in the morning, place your hands on your heart and close your eyes so you can fully focus on your inhale and exhale

  • Eat slowly and avoid eating at the same time as doing something else so your body and mind are relaxed and prepared for digestion.

  • Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you usually wake up so you give yourself a few moments in bed to gently wake up.

Above all, start where you are and do what you can. Maybe you don’t have the ability to incorporate 20 minutes of meditation, but you can take 3 deep breaths in the morning and start being more intentional about what you put into your body. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to show up little by little and be consistent with what works and puts you into a more present headspace.