Struggle With A Midday Slump? Here’s How I Get Back On Track

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2020

I’ll be honest, living and working in Los Angeles has been a balancing act of keeping my blinders on while also networking, attending events, eating healthy, working out consistently, and having the energy to do all of those things while being 100% present with those that surround me.

When we first got up to LA, I was so excited and motivated to do ALL THE THINGS. I wanted to take a yoga class first thing in the morning or get up before the sun to have time for a full morning ritual. It was...a lot, and I noticed how quickly I’d get tired by 12-1pm.

It reminded me SO much of when I worked my corporate job and would clock in, grab for a cup of coffee and by lunchtime be zombie-like as I went for coffee #3 after eating my meal.

Sound familiar?

I know I’m not the only one that has experienced the midday slump. I talk to so many friends that feel like their creativity has run dry by noon, crave a nap by 1, and are fully checked out by 2.

That shouldn’t be the norm though.

Our Bodies Are Constantly Giving Us Feedback

When I realized how much havoc the midday slump was wreaking on my productivity, creativity, and overall energy, I was desperate for a change. I thought that some simple activities would help remedy my lack of energy and disinterest in activity and work, but found quickly that there were more subtle things happening below the surface, too.

Our bodies are constantly giving us feedback and speaking to us through the way we physically feel.

That brain fog you have? Sure, a one-off tired and unfocused day may be minor, but if you’re consistently struggling to remember tasks, feel like you can’t focus when you are engaged in something or have a general disinterest in what you are doing, then you might want to start to pay attention.

How I Combat The Midday Slump

For me, brain fog, low energy, and a constant procrastinator-mindset were the culprit of my midday slump. I didn’t want to do anything besides browsing Instagram on my phone and avoid any actual work.

After consistent weeks of this, I started to investigate further and here’s how I’ve managed to combat my midday slump. Before I jump in, I want to emphasize that this is what has worked for me. Everyone is different, every body is different, and if you are struggling with chronic fatigue then I would suggest consulting your doctor to see if there are any serious underlying causes.



Movement was my first medicine when it came to reactivating my energy. Now, this wasn’t going and crushing an hour-long workout or fitness class. Instead, I opted for more gentle movements that I could do in the living room, taking 30 minutes to play tennis with Corey, or a walk around the neighborhood to get blood flowing.

When we are sitting for long periods of time, our muscles and bodies start to get tired and stagnant, so adding in movement is an awesome way to wake back up. It may seem obvious, but try adding in a 10-minute cardio + walk routine like jumping jacks or jump rope then a short walk to re-energize the body and mind.


new earth supplements

If adding in movement alone doesn’t quite do the trick, you might want to continue investigating where the lack of energy and brain fog comes from. What I quickly realized for myself was that my gut health and digestion was playing a direct role in my energy levels. Our gut is like our second brain and is also responsible for digesting and absorbing our food. 

When we are working a desk job or always on the run, our bodies aren’t properly absorbing all the nutrients in our food and our guts can begin to suffer because of that. After talking to professionals, I found that this was exactly what was happening to me.

Between the coffee, the sugar-filled on-the-go protein bar, and my lack of presence when eating, I wasn’t feeding my body and gut the good nutrients it needed.

After doing research, I found the Essentials Packets from New Earth that contain organic Wild Microalgae sourced from Klamath Lake in Oregon.

The daily packets also contain pro and pre-biotics, digestive enzymes, plant phytonutrients, plant-based proteins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Basically, taking the Essentials packets daily started nourishing me in ways that I wasn’t allowing my body or food to.

What I’ve noticed after two months of consistent daily use has been truly remarkable:

  • Enhanced digestion (TMI but twice daily trips to the bathroom, when I was sometimes only going once every other day - yikes)

  • Increased energy - paired with movement, meditation, and positive reinforcement, the midday slump was gone within a month

  • Better memory - brain fog cleared and I was actually remembering things I had to do, emails I had to send, and events I agreed to!

I wouldn’t share this product with you all if I didn’t fully believe and witness its ability to transform our bodies. It’s a powerful daily supplement WHEN you take it daily so if you’ve been resonating with the rest of this post, I suggest checking New Earth and their Essentials Packets below:

Use code ALCHEMIZED for 10% off your order on their website here.


You guys already know I’m a huge believer in meditation. When I started changing my midday habits, I wanted to see if meditation would make me sleepier or actually provide me with more energy and clarity to last throughout the second half of my day.

I continued to do my morning meditation upon waking up, but added in a quick 5-minute meditation for myself in the afternoon when I would start to yawn and feel tired. In this meditation, I would close my eyes and focus on my breath in being a count of about 5-6 and my breath out being a count of about 4-5. This style of elongated inhale brings more oxygen into the body which in turn energizes us.

Try setting a timer for yourself the next time you feel tired and test out the meditation above to see if it enhances your energy and gets you through the rest of your day.



I’m reading this book called Drive right now that questions why we do the things that we do and how the idea that we only do things for external reinforcement isn’t fully accurate. While I do believe that to be true, on some days I need that positive reinforcement, just as I believe we all do.

On the days where it felt really hard for me to get back on track and I was procrastinating like crazy, I opted for the following to make me feel productive and accomplished by the end of the day:

Make a list of five things that you need to get done - this could be things that your client is waiting on or if you work for yourself, things that will make you feel accomplished and at ease when you close your computer at the end of the day.

Decide what it is that you will treat yourself to by the end of the day if you get everything done. It doesn’t have to necessarily be something of monetary value. Maybe it’s watching a movie or seeing a friend, or maybe it’s getting your nails done. Whatever it is, make it something that is going to motivate you to finish.

Once you check those five things off your list - not six, not ten, FIVE - then you can treat yourself to whatever it is that you decided on.

It may sound silly, but this seriously helps me on the days where I don’t want to do anything. It helps me feel less guilty if I don’t work for an entire day and keeps me on track with at least taking a tiny step forward. You know?


Now, I’m not a dietician so I can’t say exactly what you should or shouldn’t be eating, but I know for certain that if I’m eating like crap or eating a super heavy meal for lunch, I’m feeling tired afterward. I started switching to brain foods like leafy greens, smoothies, and nuts for lunch with a big glass of water instead of coffee and sweet treats.

I also stopped looking at my computer or phone while I would eat and would be present with my meal. Robyn Youkilis shared on The Alchemized Life Podcast that we should look at our food before we eat it to get our saliva glands working (this helps with digestion), take a deep breath before we eat, and then CHEW our food - like really, really chew it.

Since adopting this method and adding in the Essentials Packets, my digestion has improved greatly so try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!


All of this is a process of adopting new habits and making lifestyle changes so be patient with yourself if you’re not perfect right out the gate - I know I wasn’t! If you have been struggling for a while, just remember that you are strengthening a new muscle and it will get easier over time. Your energy levels will increase, your brain fog will lessen, and you’ll be feeling better before you know it!

Okay, now it’s your turn: Share with me in the comments section the ways you stay energized and on track throughout the day!


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