I tried CBD for three months straight, here's what happened:


If you’ve been keeping up to date on the latest episodes of The Alchemized Life or following along on Instagram, then you know that I’ve been religiously taking CBD oil for the past three months. I’ll take it in the morning in my bulletproof coffee, in a smoothie mid-day, or even right before bed on nights when I feel restless.

I’ve spoken to a lot of you about CBD and my why behind taking it, so a blog post outlining everything that has shifted over the past few months is necessary. As you read the below, please keep in mind that this is a personal experience and does not replace medical advice. If you are going through any major emergencies in your body or mind, please seek a medical doctor to ensure your safety.


The biggest question I’ve gotten over the past few months is why CBD? We all are inundated with new trends and messages across the wellness industry and CBD is definitely one of those, so what’s the deal?

I decided to integrated CBD into my daily routine for a number of reasons. Depending on the company, the CBD you are getting could be used for anything from stress reduction to a better night’s sleep. I’ve tried about 4-5 different companies and I personally use Athletix CBD oil - I’ll get into it more later.

For me, the top priority of my healing was stress, inflammation, and pain relief. Full spectrum hemp-derived CBD does a great job at answering all of those problems when taken consistently.

Full Spectrum vs CBD Isolate

It’s important that you are getting full spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil. It isn’t psychoactive, although it does contain .03% of THC (it’s such a tiny amount!). CBD isolate, on the otherhand, isolates the CBD molecule removing all other cannabinoids. With full spectrum, you are still getting the additional cannabinoids that are in the hemp plant and in 2015, a study showed that you actually get more relief from the full spectrum versus CBD isolate.

The Benefits Of CBD Use over 3 Months

With the consistent use of CBD over the course of three months, there are a few notable differences I found that I am super excited to share with all of you. These shifts are from using Athletix CBD Oil which also has magnesium, vitamin B, zinc, and glutamine.

Less Inflammation

This was a big one for me. I struggle with inflammation in the upper and lower back from pushing it too hard in yoga. After about 30-45 days of using CBD, I noticed that I didn’t have as many aches before bed that made it difficult for me to get comfortable and fall asleep. I used to toss and turn throughout the entire night, and now on most nights, I sleep like a baby. The muscles don’t feel as contracted as they used to and I’ve even noticed more flexibility when I am warming up before working out.

Less Anxiety

I meditate every day so I’m not a super anxious person, thankfully. But, at the beginning of the year, there were days that I missed my morning meditation. Before I started taking CBD, I would notice a skipped day immediately. Usually, my thoughts would race at the end of the night and I would become more and more anxious. Since taking CBD daily, I’ve found on the days that I accidentally skip a meditation I am still able to stay calm and more present. When my mind wanders to worry about the future or past, I am faster to come back and remind myself to stay centered and grounded.

Faster Recovery

One of my intentions in January was to hit the gym every week and now in February, my intention is to move every day. Last year, whenever I had a hard workout or a power yoga class, I’d have to skip 1-2 days after before working out again. I’ve noticed since day 30-35 of taking CBD every day that I don’t need to wait as long to get back on my mat or in the gym.

I can’t speak for every CBD company having these same effects, but Athletix is formulated specifically for this. The CBD and other supplements (magnesium, glutamine, vitamin b, zinc) work together to aid your muscles in recovering faster, so I highly suggest using Athletix if physical activity is apart of your typical routine. P.S. I share a code for 15% off at the bottom of this blog!

Less Headaches + Tension

This definitely plays into inflammation, but the reduction of headaches and tension in my neck has seriously been miraculous and I’m so grateful for it. I used to get migraines every other week for 48-72 hours and while I can’t say that CBD was the end-all to curing them, I know that the consistent use of CBD has helped to release tension in my neck and calm my nervous system. Because I deal with less stress and less inflammation, I’ve seen less headaches + migraines overall.


Listen - there are very few products that I use religiously, especially when it comes to supplements. I’m just not great at taking pills or vitamins daily! But, when I started consistently using CBD, I noticed major benefits like those highlighted above that make it an obvious decision to continue using it daily. I’m not going to lie - you definitely need to use it daily rather than in acute situations, but it is so worth it when you can see your body and its response to external forces shifting in front of your eyes.

I’m so grateful to be working with Athletix CBD and sharing their incredible products with all of you. If you are an athlete, yogi, or gym-junky, then you 100% NEED to get your hands on Athletix CBD. For those of you interested in trying Athletix, head to their website here and use the code ALCHEMIZED15 at checkout!