Have you experienced life like the quotes you read on Pinterest?

Whenever I tell people that I’m a meditation teacher, the first response I *usually* receive is:

“Oh, so like, how do you meditate? I can never clear my head!”

My favorite part about this response is that, within minutes, I can get the person to leave with an entirely different understanding of what meditation is.

It’s pretty fucking cool to experience and see the shift.

Taken at  Starship Landing  in Joshua Tree, CA - managed by  The Cohost Collective

Taken at Starship Landing in Joshua Tree, CA - managed by The Cohost Collective

Because meditation isn’t about clearing your head. It’s about exploring your head as a visitor, curious at every thought, vision, or story that plays on the movie screen that is your mind.

The idea that you can be “bad” at meditating is a big lie that most of us tell ourselves to get out of meditating. I know I did for so damn long.

I literally thought, oh, well I’m just not the person that needs meditation. It’s true, there are SO many forms of meditation. They are all freaking wonderful because at their essence is the idea of mindfulness.

Trendy word, eh? We’re all looking to be more mindful, but what does that actually mean?

Here’s my definition of mindfulness:

To be mindful is to to be present.

You can still have thoughts or plan, but you remain within the current experience that is the now.

To be mindful in the now enriches every single moment and keeps you rooted into all of your senses.

Taste, sound, sight, touch, smell.


My life has, somehow, navigated me to a mid-week getaway to Joshua Tree for the sole purpose of creating. Initially, I was planning on taking a trip by myself. I found the most beautiful AirBnB called Starship Landing and was ready to get out of dodge and tap into all of my senses on my own and make fucking magic.

As I confirmed my reservation, I instinctively knew that I needed my man to come. I went back and forth in my head for a few minutes before asking him. I mean, a solo trip in my head would be the coolest way to allow intuition to flow through me, but in the end, I knew he needed to be there with me. Plus, photos, guys!

P.S. Our AirBnb BLEW MY MIND! Here’s the link to book at  Starship Landing in Joshua Tree, CA

P.S. Our AirBnb BLEW MY MIND! Here’s the link to book at Starship Landing in Joshua Tree, CA

Anyways...back to mindfulness:

Standing in the kitchen, cooking for my love, I realized that although I had wished for a solo trip, there really isn’t a point to experiencing beauty - whether it be in the form of an Airbnb or the desert sunset - if you don’t have someone to share it with.

This idea is one that you see on dozens on Pinterest quote pages, but experiencing it in your reality is so much more spectacular and, well… real.

When we move a million miles a second, lost in thought, worry, or stress, we miss these moments. We miss the Pinterest-worthy experiences that make life so special. This is why mindfulness is at the core of everything I do. It’s shown me how to be grateful for what I have, to be present in the experience, and to stay in a state of awe and wonder.

You don’t have to book a solo trip to be present. You can do it right fucking now.

Tap into your senses.

Notice the way your fingers feel as you scroll down the page.

Notice how your eyes take in light and every element in front of you.

What can you smell?

What do you hear?

Mindfulness is as simple as leaning into the present moment through your own senses.

Yes, it’s a practice, but isn’t it worth it?

Isn’t it worth it to look at those Pinterest quotes and graphics and feel so deep in your bones that you have experienced what everyone writes home about?