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Wedding Recap: The Greatest Party of the Century

April 6th, 2019 - a day that has gone down in history as the most loved I have ever felt. The day was perfect. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, it was 75 degrees, and I even had a moment to meditate when I first woke up.

April 6th, 2019 was my wedding day.

It was the day I had been dreaming of since I was a little girl. One of the happiest days of my life. Well, up until now, THE happiest day of my life.

It’s been over a month since then and I’m finally sitting down to reflect and share with you all how this glorious day came to be.

If you’re engaged, GREAT. If you’re single and lookin’ to pin, GREAT. Wherever you are on the spectrum, I hope that by reading this you are filled with joy, inspiration, and a little glimpse into what the perfect wedding looks like (perfection in my eyes, at least!).

The Venue

A year prior to our wedding, Corey and I made an appointment after I found The Villa San Juan Capistrano on a...

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How To Get Over The Hump of a New Workout Routine

You know that feeling of resistance that comes right before you decide to put your workout gear on and head to the gym? Or the look you give your yoga mat before you fully commit to taking a class?

Yeah, that one.

The past month, since I’ve been back from Bali, moved up to LA, and got married, has been a series of that feeling of resistance and longing stare at my yoga mat.

It’s been intimidating to think about how much my body may have transformed since leading the retreat and whether or not I’m capable of making it through an hour-long class or a few sets at the gym (I am).

The workout hump is REAL and as I get my groove back, I’m recognizing the necessary physical and mental shifts I’ve had to make in order to get my booty back into shape.

Starting a new workout routine or getting back into one is the most difficult in the beginning. On average, it takes about 2 months (66 days to be exact) for a new habit to form. So how do we stay diligent in the...

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Biohacking: What is it?! And how I do it:


Whether you just entered the wellness space or have been around for awhile, I’m sure you’ve heard of Bulletproof and Dave Asprey. Asprey is the king of biohacking, and to be honest, for awhile I had no idea what that meant. Yet, I drank the kool-aid and followed his recommendations to biohack your way to a better life.

Okay so, maybe it’s not that culty - I did some research on biohacking and realized that it is so much more than just drinking MCT Oil with grass-fed butter in your coffee every morning.

What is biohacking?

Biohacking is actually really freakin’ cool. It’s the process of making changes to your lifestyle to essentially “hack” your biology and feel your best. That certainly doesn’t feel like a cult to me!

There are so many ways that we can bio-hack - in fact, you’re likely already doing some of these. Because the truth is, everything we do, eat, think, speak, and process...

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How To Plan The Best Bachelorette Party...EVER!

Okay, to be honest, it still feels pretty crazy that I had my bachelorette party last weekend. We went to Tulum, Mexico for four nights and five days of sunshine, tacos, and mezcal. It was INCREDIBLE. While Corey was busy up in Tahoe in the snow, we were cruising the beach, enjoying the pool at our AirBnB and eating…a lot.

I really wanted my bachelorette party to be special so my girls and I took our time planning it. In this post, you’ll find the major details that pulled this party together so for any bride-to-be’s or maid of honors looking to plan the best bachelorette party ever, look no further.


Because we were going international, we decided to start planning the bachelorette party in August (about 6-7 months out). You want all your girls to be able to come, so give them lots of time to make it happen. The AirBnb, flights and extracurriculars like day trips, going out to eat, and shopping, isn’t always cheap...

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A Weekend in Tulum - My Tulum Guide

It’s been 14 hours of travel and I’m officially back in San Diego from an incredible trip to Tulum, Mexico. This is my second time in Tulum and the town is everything I remembered it to be. Friendly people, amazing food, beautiful beaches and drool-worthy aesthetics shaped by hotels and AirBnBs.

Tulum is definitely at the top of my list next to Bali and Costa Rica when I think of places where I could click my heels and instantly transport to. My first experience in Tulum was curated by my good friend, Laina Caltagirone, who founded Soulcation Retreat and took place last year over the course of a week in June. This time, end of February, for a long weekend, I had the reins and can’t wait to share the destinations with you.

Where to Stay in Tulum:


If you’re looking for a space off the boutique strip and closer to town or traveling with a larger group of people, staying at The...

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I tried CBD for three months straight, here's what happened:

If you’ve been keeping up to date on the latest episodes of The Alchemized Life or following along on Instagram, then you know that I’ve been religiously taking CBD oil for the past three months. I’ll take it in the morning in my bulletproof coffee, in a smoothie mid-day, or even right before bed on nights when I feel restless.

I’ve spoken to a lot of you about CBD and my why behind taking it, so a blog post outlining everything that has shifted over the past few months is necessary. As you read the below, please keep in mind that this is a personal experience and does not replace medical advice. If you are going through any major emergencies in your body or mind, please seek a medical doctor to ensure your safety.



The biggest question I’ve gotten over the past few months is why CBD? We all are inundated with new trends and messages across the wellness industry and CBD is definitely one of those, so what’s the deal?

I decided to...

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My Routine for Reducing Muscle Soreness After Weight Training

A few months ago, I wrote about the power of weight training for strengthening the muscles in the legs and therefore, preventing lower back pain. I absolutely love weight training - it makes me feel strong and like I’m getting an amazing workout. Plus, the booty gains, ya know?

As much as I love weight training, I always know that the next few days after I go to the gym, I am going to feel sore in my entire body. Like, can hardly get out of my chair sore and it hurts so good!

I don’t mind being sore, but I’m not crazy about recovery time. I want to be able to get back to the gym or back on my yoga mat without shakey legs. If you are like me and want to reduce muscle soreness after weight training, working out, or even hitting your yoga mat, then keep reading for my routine.

First things first, if you are doing ANYTHING that requires muscle activation, please make sure that you stretch before and after.

My stretching before is pretty quick and depends on what...

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My Year in Review + Why I'm Excited for 2019

It’s been a long December of anticipation and practicing patience as I’ve waited for 2019 to greet us all. This past year, compounded with 2016 and 2017 as a trio of transformation, has been a wild and exciting ride. As I enter 2019, I feel different energy than the prior years. I am not the woman I was a year ago.

What 2018 Held

Last year, I thought I had it all figured out. I was prepping to launch a course called Kick-Ass Branding. I really thought that was going to be my bread and butter. I was also still working for several other business owners, freelancing and creating marketing campaigns that I had no interest in.

I didn’t realize it until later in the year, but I was so out of alignment and taking actions derived from limiting beliefs about money, security, and purpose. I think we all go through this at the start of entrepreneurship - no doubt, any personal transformation tests our beliefs.


As the months progressed in 2018, I saw manifestations...

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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Inflammation In The Body

Inflammation is a word that is getting thrown around like crazy lately - and that is because our society is chronically inflamed. Think about the amount of stress our environment goes through, the stimulus we are exposed to almost 24/7.

It’s hard to escape stress, pressure, and chemicals, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t impossible. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take steps to reduce inflammation in your body. You 100% can - and today I’m going to share with you FIVE different easy ways that you can start.

For those that have been following me for a while, you already know the battles I’ve fought with inflammation. A few months ago, my face broke out in cystic acne - all food-induced stemming from the gut. Before that, I was chronically stressed at my corporate job and dealt with migraines every other week.

While at first glance acne and migraines seem like entirely different beasts to conquer, they both stem from inflammation....

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How To Heal Triggers Around Trust

The word trust has this icky feeling attached to it. We think of trust negatively, often drifting back to a time a lover or a friend had broken it. There may even be instances when we’ve broken it with ourselves.

I mean really—do you ever reflect and say “Wow, he was so trustworthy!”

Usually, it’s more like, “That asshole lied nonstop, I couldn’t trust a word he said!”

When a word holds so much of our past within its consonants and vowels, how do we flip the switch so it can be illuminated under a new light?

In order to experience trust again, we must release all the prior definitions via experience that trained our minds to believe it to be one way.

You know, the experiences that led us to believe there are no good guys out there.

Trust, itself, isn’t some hardly attainable feeling. It is neutral and simply an idea that we’ve wrapped in heartbreak, lies, and disappointment.

That is a whole lot of responsibility...

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