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Alo Yoga Holiday Gift Guide

As most of you know, at the beginning of November I hosted my first workshop at Alo Yoga in Beverly Hills. It was AMAZING. I was surrounded by old friends, new friends, and even my mom came! (Hi, mom!)

After the workshop, my girlfriends that came with me decided to peak around the store - they had never shopped at Alo before. Obviously, I was eager to show them my favorite yoga pants, sports bras, and jackets. This sparked an idea inside my head to bring back the gift guide for 2018 that was BEYOND popular last time I released it.


100% Yogi Approved Clothing:

If you haven’t gotten your hands on one of Alo’s AloSoft pieces, you need to stop what you’re doing and check out these pieces below NOW. AloSoft is seriously the most comfortable and luxurious fabric I have ever put on - it’s like butter on your legs.


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3 Things 25 Taught Me + 3 Things 26 Will Bring

Every year, I ask myself the same question:

What did I learn this past year and what am I calling in this year?

If you and I are friends, you’ve likely heard this question come out of my mouth on your birthday too.

Reflection is a purposeful way of building awareness. You can go through life celebrating year after year, but true change and impact come when you take a step back and look at where you are at and where you want to go.

You can really ask yourself this question every month - but I save it for the yearly birthday celebration.


I’ve never shared it publicly but felt called to this year because of the wide net each of these lessons and intentions cover.




This is by far the most impactful thing I’ve learned at 25. The world celebrates “hustle” and “work hard play hard,” but we’ve skipped over the...

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Three Steps To Healing Your Back From Lower Back Injury in Yoga

When I first found yoga, I was elated to have a “workout”  that combined strength, flexibility, and mindset. I’d attend Vinyasa classes in the heat, stretch my body out, then rinse and repeat the next day. I was hooked.

I think a lot of us go through this when we first find a studio and teacher we love.

I did this for several years. At the same time, Instagram yogis were BLOWING UP. There were yoga challenges every other week all featuring new postures to contort my body into. I loved the challenge.


I had heard in my teacher training stories of yogis pushing themselves to the point of injury, but I never thought it would happen to me. I did, after all, come from a gymnastics and cheer background. Ok, it was one year, but I was bendy!

I’m sure you see where this is going...I was wrong.


Unfortunately, without proper guidance (because a photo is not enough to safely attempt poses) my lower back, spine and shoulders suffered.

The worst was my...

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How Meditation + Breathwork Helped Me Cope with the LA Fires

I was driving home from my childhood best friend’s house after mourning the news of the mass shooting at Borderline in my hometown of Thousand Oaks. There was a plume of smoke in the direction of Ventura County that was confirmed to be a wildfire crawling its way up the Camarillo grade.

We get fires every year so it didn’t feel like a big deal. That all changed as the night continued.

By 8pm in Westlake Village where my mother recently moved, the sirens were nonstop. Another fire had broken out to the south of us and winds were picking up to speeds of 50mph.

KCAL News was playing in the living room - each time I’d walk in it seemed like another neighborhood I grew up in was being evacuated.

Oak Park.

Old Agoura.

Las Virgenes.

For the first time in my life, my body reacted viscerally to what I saw on the screen.

The deep orange and red flames, the black smoke, and the families evacuating their homes.

My insides started to violently shake and I felt my heart...

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Marketing Tips for Yoga Teachers

With the launch of my very first course, Kick Ass Branding for Wellness Professionals, I knew it was time to start putting together resources for yoga teachers to learn how to take the business of yoga into their own hands and create their ideal life as a wellness professional. For some, that means teaching at studios or working with private students. For others, it might mean leading retreats or working with different fitness brands. Whatever your goal may be, it is important that you have a marketing plan in place to ensure you are presenting yourself to your audience in a way that allows you to journey down whatever career path you choose.

Over the past seven years, I’ve devoted myself to learning the art of marketing and branding so as a yoga teacher, it has been natural for me to develop an identity online, work with brands, and book teaching gigs I’ve dreamt of for years.

Today, I will give you my five biggest tips for creating a brand online and how to market...

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Three Reasons Meditation Will Save You From Your Drunk Aunt This Thanksgiving

It’s all fun and games at the Thanksgiving table until your drunk aunt goes for that sixth glass of wine and starts spewing her opinion on “the damn Republicans.”

Usually, I’d arrive at Thanksgiving dinner stoned out of my mind and ready for a glass of sauvignon blanc. The cousins would catch up in the corner while the chatty older women would start nitpicking dishes in the kitchen. I’d bring the Julian Dutch Apple Pie disguised as my own creation.

But, last Thanksgiving was different…or was I different?

As the night progressed, I observed the conversations, the mannerisms, the words and the opinions that were shared…

“Money is evil.”

“Trump is ruining this country.”

“I hate those damn Kardashians.”

Then the out of body experience happened.

I began floating above the table, using divided attention (more on that below), and witnessed myself in relation to my family.

In an instant, I uncovered where all...

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Have you experienced life like the quotes you read on Pinterest?

Whenever I tell people that I’m a meditation teacher, the first response I *usually* receive is:

“Oh, so like, how do you meditate? I can never clear my head!”

My favorite part about this response is that, within minutes, I can get the person to leave with an entirely different understanding of what meditation is.

It’s pretty fucking cool to experience and see the shift.

Taken at Starship Landing in Joshua Tree, CA - managed by The Cohost Collective

Taken at Starship Landing in Joshua Tree, CA - managed by The Cohost Collective


The idea that you can be “bad” at meditating is a big lie that most of us tell ourselves to get out of meditating. I know I did for so damn long.

I literally thought, oh, well I’m just not the person that needs meditation. It’s true, there are SO many forms of...

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How To Say "No" With Grace

I have a secret to share with you guys today.

When I was growing up and I would be asked what my greatest fear was, I’d always say SNAKES! But...that wasn’t the only thing I was scared of.

In truth, the thing that scared me most was rejection.

Rejection, to me, meant that I wasn’t enough and this fear carried well into my twenties resulting in my constant state of “YES!” to every single ask from anyone.

For those of you just joining my little circle, I am an ex-corporate burnout. I hustled so damn hard throughout the first half of my twenties that I developed chronic migraines through stress, anxiety, and 10-12 hour days staring at my screen. I never got up from my desk for lunch, quickly developed eyesight problems, and completely lost touch of who I was.

All because I didn’t know how to say no or establish boundaries.

TRUST ME, I know how hard it is to do both of those things.


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Finding Solace at Bambu Indah in Bali

I had seen the sustainable luxury resort through dozens of beautiful Instagram accounts. Each photo depicting a eco-friendly haven for the conscious traveler that errs on the side of chic when it comes to accommodation preferences. When I saw Bambu Indah online, I knew it was going to be a special experience. I had no idea that it would be *this* special though.

My fiance and I were on the last leg of our Bali journey when we arrived at Bambu Indah, just outside of Ubud, the cultural heart of this incredible country. We were tired and hungry as we towed our travel backpacks through the first bamboo structure to check in. Immediately, we were greeted by kind staff as we stood in awe of the architecture, massive bamboo trunks and jungle surrounding us.

We had arrived.

From the dinosaur-sized alocasia leaves to the fragrant lemongrass bushes, greenery and garden lined the front restaurant and concierge area. We could hear the sound of chickens and roosters faintly, but otherwise it...

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The Profound Shift That (FINALLY) Got Me Meditating Daily

I’ll be the first to admit that before March of this year I was an on-again off-again meditator. I wanted so badly to feel the benefits of meditation, but I never wanted to do the actual work required of reaping those benefits. I know I’m not the only one out there.

Having just finished my 1GiantMind meditation teacher training, my meditation practice is stronger than ever and I am proud of myself for having dedicated every single day since the beginning of March 2018 to meditation.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some days my meditation is only 10 minutes and I have countless thoughts running through my head. While it’s certainly a less gratifying experience than the times where I blast off into outer space, these meditations are just as powerful - more on that later though.

I want to share with you guys the profound experience that convinced me to really start meditating daily and be as devoted to this practice as brushing my teeth.

It all started with a fight.


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