RISE into Your Next Level of Biz + Soul Success!

Go ALL IN on launching and scaling your soul-aligned business, uplevel your pricing to welcome 4-to-5 figure months, make sales a sexy process and learn how to build a magnetic online influence.


The 10-Week Spiritual Business Accelerator for the leader ready to break the whole damn glass house, pave their own path of success, and claim their next level business, client, and lifestyle.

Create a Scalable Six-Figure Heart-Driven Business

This is for the coach or healer ready to put a megaphone up to their message and create a sustainable ecosystem of offerings and services that their clients are ALL IN ON.

Uplevel Your Impact AND Income as a Leader

Learn the embodied leadership and intuitive skills that make you a magnet to the soulmate clients that are praying for the transformation your programs provide.

Radically Transform Your Relationship With Money

Pull out the weeds that have been making you question your worth and level up your pricing, power and confidence around selling 4-to-5 figure high ticket packages.

"CATALYST was one of the most important experiences of my life..."

- Becky S. @burlybest

Your Soul is here to answer the Divine Assignment that lives within you.

★ The leader that says YES to CATALYST is ready to create scalable offerings and launch into 5-figure sales months.

★ They are ready to do things differently and break free from the stereotypical trainings and strategies most business coaches preach.

★ CATALYST alumni take what they learn and RUN with it - they are ready to stretch themselves past the limits of their comfort zone.

★ They are here to awaken their authentic expression, stand out, and own their voice as a leader online.

★ They are done ignoring the burning desire inside to serve and make a massive impact on the world.

They are the CATALYST in their life and business.


The results will awaken you to what is possible when you go ALL IN and invest in yourself!

"Ava is a down to earth leader and inspiring activator that helped me connect to my highest potential! Through working with Ava Johanna, I closed a 4 figure sale from one single client before even launching my program using Ava's feminine flow strategies! I also 3X increased my email list by following Ava's teachings in the Catalyst program! Ava helped me recognize potential in myself that I didn't realize was even there, and she taught me how to connect to that version of me spiritually and emotionally.
I would recommend Ava to anyone who is ready to expand into new potential and feel deeply nurtured and supported by their coach. Ava wants the best for all her clients and will absolutely help you get there in a tangible way!"

- Kayla P. @pathwayto.paradise

"Working with Ava was such a gift! Not only did she support me in stepping into my gifts and sharing what actually excites me and lights me up, but she also taught me the spiritual tools to do so in a way that allows me to rest and receive. Ava is truly a lightworker and is a wonderful mentor. [IN CATALYST] I created my first group program and ran my first virtual workshop!

I've done so many business courses but your program made the biggest impact in being able to tap into more of my feminine and intuitive energy. [I FELT] more confident in my ability to tap into intuitive guidance for answers and more confident in my gifts."

- Safiya B. @iamwellbysafiya

"Ava is magical. Once I entered into her container of love + support that she holds for her clients, I never wanted to leave. I got to embody my most authentic self in that space & she pours so much love into you. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made to work with Ava in Catalyst. It really is the catalyst to take you into whatever next level you’re ready for in your life + business! My life is now more expanded, more beautiful, and I feel more powerful than EVER!
I had been on a mission to find my purpose & passion for 5 years, shifting, and trying something new all the time. Every single fear, and old story that came up as I evolved, she guided me through shifting it. She stretched me into my expansion. I felt the power of her words in my entire body on every call. The catalyst group was the space I needed that allowed me to not only gain 100% clarity on my purpose/passion, but was exactly what allowed me to commit to that purpose. I showed up for myself in ways I never had. I became consistent on social media & so confident in doing so, finally. I felt free to be my highest self.
I reached the exact version of myself that I had envisioned on our first call, dancing freely with confidence, clarity, self-love, and feeling so powerful - all things I’d longed for - I feel it all now & just keep expanding into new levels!"
- Jessica R. @wholesol.living

"Working with Ava completely re-framed my mindset to allow more flow and connection with my own power. It was something that I used for success in corporate but when it came to my own business I took myself too seriously and thought worst-case scenario. In CATALYST, I learned how to monetize my business/determine what my offering is and landed my very first client! Before I felt insecure about my ability to teach others. I also wasn't sure what that would even look like.

Now I know that there is more than enough to go around, I talk openly about my business even with my corporate 9-5 friends regardless if they think it's woo-woo and weird haha! It just doesn't phase me anymore what people say because I have stepped into my power and truth. I now feel very connected. Ava is such a shining light and go above and beyond for her clients."

- Alex F. @themirrorseries

"CATALYST was one of the most important experience of my lifetime. There were so many shifts for me, especially during the heat of the virus! I completely changed and am now opening my own place! I thought that dream was for others and now I have so much confidence and I know my worth.
I could feel [Ava's] authentic spirit and how much she wanted all of us to succeed. Ava spoke greatness over me and I felt seen and valued from the beginning."
- Becky S. @burlybest


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