Starting March 11th, Join Me on a 6-Week Journey to welcome in MORE, MORE, MORE in your biz.'s time we fully ground in your knowingness that your work is worthy of MASSIVE compensation + that every program you create has major #FILLED vibes.

YES PLEASE!'s time we fully ground in your knowingness that your work is worthy of MASSIVE compensation + that every program you create has major #FILLED vibes.

My love, it’s time for you to become a 

Mmm, welcome sweet soul-led creator + entrepreneur.

I have a question for you:

Wouldn't it feel so f*cking amazing to know that every single launch, whether it be for 1:1 work or an on-demand course, is going to receive an EPIC response?

I get the feeling, that like me, you CRAVE to have an amazing idea, feel like a full-blown channel structuring it out, write up a landing page as if you are freakin' JK Rowling writing the next best novel, then open the doors for people to sign up to see them RUSHING in with excitement.

And maybe, you've already had a moment of tasting that as your reality.

The shivery sensation of chills up your back when you realize that you *must* share what you know with the world.

The heart activation of "MMM, this feels so right and I am so excited!"

The friends...the clients...your community loving what you've been sharing lately.

This, my love, is where my Ava magic comes in.

Welcome to Launch Queen.

A live, intimate, and delicious invitation for you to take the experience of creating a wildly successful business by mastering masculine and feminine energetics.

This is not your typical course on building a business.

This is an invitation into the depths of your beingness to extract the most alive creation inside of you, amplify the f*ck out of it through your vision and your desire, and create space for you to hold more and more and MORE money and clients.

Because let's be honest, I think that we know we are past the point of letting these scarcity-based thoughts run the show.

What if it doesn’t happen?

What if I don’t hit my goal, will they think I’m a fraud?

Do people not think I’m good enough to lead them through this experience?

Ugh. YUP. Let's go ahead and love the version of ourselves that once let those fears define your success.

In her place, we welcome, the one, the only, LAUNCH QUEEN.

The version of you that let's herself experience massive pleasure throughout the entire process of scaling and launching a successful online business.

The version of you that you've glimpsed that knows she is unstoppable and so ready to continue supporting more and more clients (while making ALL the cash money).

The version of you that can channel the creative, the ceo, the teacher, all in one day because she is so damn embodied in her business + life.

This is the fast track to your most expansive launch yet.

Launch Queen is a 6-week Group Coaching Immersion for online course creators & coaches who want to fall in love with creating, marketing, and launching their business or new offering at their next level.


Whether you want to make $1,000 or $1,000,000, our time together will focus in not only touching the success you desire BUT actually creating it.


And over the course of the 6-weeks, I’m going to be guiding you through…

Channeling The Launch Archetypes

so that you can seamlessly flow into the different stages of successfuly creating magnetic offers and filling them all the way up. #waitlistvibes

Channeling Seductress Energy

to build your influence online from a place of confidence and passion (f*ck the vanity numbers) so your soulmate clients are eagerly waiting for each next release you invite them into.

Reframing The ‘Sales’ Process

because launching gets to be FUN and sales becomes an extension of your desire to change the world. Let's take the stress out of the dreaded "launch mode".


Your Inner Goddess is so hungry for a belief-shattering experience…

A launch like you’ve never had…

With next-level trust in yourself to create the most epic container for those you are here to serve. 

Your Inner Goddess is so hungry for a belief-shattering experience…

A launch like you’ve never had…

With next-level trust in yourself to create the most epic container for those you are here to serve. 

is inviting the online course creators and coaches who...

👑 Are so ready to wake up every morning with new orders, new applications, and new humans that are practically screaming “TAKE MY MONEY!”

👑 Wants to get addicted to the process of creating transformational experiences for your clients and love the launch process

👑 Hates the typical and pushy sales process, cold DMing, and other tactics that just haven’t worked for you in the past 

👑 Is ready for a deep journey in healing uncertainty, unworthiness, and scarcity around your business + bank account

👑 Feels deeply in their bones that they are here to making a massive impact AND income.

👑 Wants to put a megaphone up to their message and open the doors to hold space for dozens - nope, HUNDREDS - of students

This is the magic you are saying YES to when you join:

Mindset & Embodiment Practices:

so you can tap into your Divinity and awaken the infinite creator that lives within and design an experience people are praying for. The more you believe in yourself & your work, the more eager people are to buy from you & be a part of your community.

Live group coaching: 

that will not only help you feel so insanely held during our time together, but create space for you to clear out any doubts, fear, or overwhelm that arises in the launch process.

Receive More By Selling Less: 

& never feel pushy or sales-y. Learn how to take a heart-led approach to filling your programs and heal the part of you that is scared to sell. I’ll share with you the energetics behind launching and what most creators DON’T teach their students about launching.

Create Magnetic Offers: 

by holding true to your vision and letting yourself feel everything in the moment. Through this work, you’ll dissolve imposter syndrome and confidently step into the version of you that is certain you are the only one meant to birth this program into the world.

Learn the 6 Launch Archetypes and How To Channel Them:

So you create a buzz, make it a movement, & grow your impact by tapping into the infinite and unending potential of quantum launching.

Community L💗VE:

Once we begin, you'll get access into a community Facebook group so you can connect with other students inside the course.

Alright, I'm in!

My client results tell you everything you need to know about the medicine of this journey...

From 5-figure launches three months into business to filled group programs, when you run with what I'm going to be teaching you inside LAUNCH QUEEN, you'll be ditching the disappointment from past launches in the span of 6 weeks.

"Authentic, intuitive and spiritually inspired action. This is the format that I now approach since working with Ava on launching my programs.

I used to be terrified, riddled with imposter syndrome and the scarcity mindset when I would go to launch something. But since working with Ava, my perspective of launching has completely shifted. She has taught me the approach of the divine feminine where I allow my own rules and trust my inner guidance. She has shown me how to become the magnet to my ideal clients. This has not only created successful launches but launches that I felt confident and fluid in. Her teachings have supported me in learning to trust  my intuition and truly know that I am always being supported."

- Lisa (@LisaRaeFreeman)

"My biggest accomplishments inside the program were tripling my single session pricing (!!!), systemizing my processes, and learning the in's and out's of coaching my clients through their blocks.

Not to mention, now - just a few weeks after the end of the program, I've sold 10 out of 10 spots in my newest program which puts me at a 5 figure launch for my first ever high ticket offer!!"

- Claire (@GoWithCo)






"Working with Ava has been a game changer for me and for my business. She has taught me what it means to dissolve subconscious fear before a launch and when hitting financial goals, by becoming a magnet for the business I want to create.

Thanks to Ava I was able to hit consecutive 5K months, which has been a big dream of mine since starting my business! I have successfully launched my program twice while working with her and I was able to enjoy the process and be in my divine feminine energy throughout and this is invaluable! She is a LAUNCH QUEEN and knows exactly how to support you to make it a successful one."

- Valentina (@Valentina_Marzola)

Hey Gorgeous, I’m Ava Johanna.

A spiritual business coach, celebrity embodiment and meditation teacher, and multiple six-figure online educator on a mission to revolutionize the world of online coaching + entrepreneurship.

If you haven’t noticed, I do things differently.

I’m not here to make you feel less than or like you won’t be successful if you don’t buy this course.

I’m not here to try and sell you some strategy or template that has been used by thousands of creators.

I’m here to bring you home to yourself.

Through this work, my intention is for you to trust yourself better than you trust anyone else.

I want you to feel so deeply turned ON by your work and the process of launching it into the world.

I get fired up seeing my clients experience 5-figure launches their first time selling.

We’re not just making money - we’re healing unworthiness, scarcity, and fear that no longer needs to be carried in the warrior heart of yours.

And I cannot wait for you to join me for LAUNCH QUEEN.

After multiple 6-figure launches, thousands donated to charities because of the volume of students in my programs, seeing the same results with my clients…

I knew that my process and the deep healing journey of launching needed to be shared with the world.

This program has been on my heart for a while and I know NOW is the time.


It is my purpose over the course of these 6-weeks together for you to feel abundant, magnetic, confident, and sexy as hell as you step into your best launch yet.

Will it always be easy? No, but it will be so damn worth it when you see the lives you are changing from your unique gifts.


What is the schedule of the live calls and how long are they?

Each call is 75-90 minutes long. The schedule is as follows:

Thursday March 11th at 5pm PST
Thursday March 18th at 5pm PST
Thursday March 25th at 5pm PST
Tuesday March 30th at 5pm PST
Thursday April 8th at 5pm PST
Tuesday April 13h at 5pm PST

What can I expect from these trainings?

Each of these trainings will be recorded LIVE with you and you can expect to be stretched in the way you think, feel and act around launching and what's *actually* necessary to have a successful launch. I do things differently from your average business coach, I make most marketing experts eyes roll, but I get results and I get them quick. If you take what I share and run with it, adapting it into your own unique style and adding your own flair, I have no doubt that you'll walk away from this disengaged from your past idea of what it means to launch, the overwhelm, and all the BS that has been keeping you from sharing your gifts with the world in a big way.

Can you guarantee specific results?

While I fully believe that what I'm teaching will blow your damn mind and business in ways you may have never experienced before, I can't control how you implement what I teach you. These are the principles I use in my own launches + you will be encouraged to trust yourself ABOVE ALL. This is not a course on strategy and implementation - this is much deeper work (that I believe we all actually need much more than a silly funnel).

What is the format of the trainings?

You and me getting cozy through 6 weeks of live group calls. Two out of the six weeks will be straight Q&A and support for you to get all your questions answered. Overall, each week I'll teach and I'll spill the tea on how you can disengage from the mediocre strategies for showing up online and booking clients and finally make launching and getting paid FUN.

How long do I get access to these trainings?

You'll get lifetime access to all six calls and any bonuses I add if I ever re-launch this course as a pre-recorded DIY course. The replays are just as f*cking magical as being there live BUT this will be the only time I'm offering this course live and with hands-on support from me.

I just started my business, is this training right for me?

YES and I'm a bit of a "get em while their fresh" type of coach that deeply desires you to learn this work as early on as possible in your business. It took me 4 years to finally click this together, so let me carry you with what I've learned in the process of building a multiple six-figure business.

What is your refund policy?

Trust me - you're not going to want one. But life happens so if you feel this training isn't for you, email [email protected] within 48 hours of your purchase.

Let’s play in new levels of abundance and ease:

You've made it this far.

You might be feeling that full body tingle of excitement.

That knowingness that you are in the right place.

Take a moment, close your eyes, and ask your body: What does it feel like for me to say yes to LAUNCH QUEEN?

Mmm...yes the body never lies. 🌹


Choose to either pay in full or sign up for the payment option below.

After you enroll, you will be prompted to enter your email and password. You will use this to log into the course platform where you will find the link for the live calls, recordings, and any additional materials.



"Working with Ava has shifted everything for me! Her knowledge and intuitive shares feel like they are divinely channeled for me (and our group!) every week. Always so timely and on point. In my last launch, through the ebbs and lulls I was able to hold the vision and trust in what I created, trust that leaning into the Divine Feminine would not only attract the perfect people for me, but at the right time. I filled my launch with my goal # and I can’t even express how in awe I am at this group and how aligned we all are. Truly magical!! Launching is a rollercoaster, but Ava gives you all the support and confidence to make it as filled with ease and joy as it truly can be!"

- Jenni A. (@Jenni.Adishian)

Now is YOUR time to have the launch you've been waiting for. I can't wait to witness your success.