Welcome to the Mastermind Your Soul Has Been Craving.

It's time to go ALL IN on scaling your soul-aligned business and building a magnetic online influence because getting paid should be as easy as breathing.


Welcome to the Mastermind Your Soul Has Been Craving.

It's time to go ALL IN on scaling your soul-aligned business and building a magnetic online influence because getting paid should be as easy as breathing.


Hello, future business BFF, welcome to the Mastermind Membership!

The Mastermind Membership is the program I was born to create and the membership you were destined to enroll in. (Yep, I said it.)

It's everything your soul and your business has been searching for.

The soul-awakening spiritual practices, the six-figure strategy, the cheer squad of fellow heart-driven biz babes and the hands-on coaching so you can break through the glass ceiling in your business once and for all.

It's so much more than business strategy - this is a soul-changing experience to support you in creating the life and business you've always desired:

Make Your Soul the CEO of Your Online Biz

You make the rules here - twice a month, you'll join Ava in learning how to take soul-aligned action to scale your business, pricing and clientele from a place of flow versus force. This is about sustainable, long-lasting impact and income so you can create anything you want and let it be fun in the process.

Monthly Strategic Workshops

If "I'm not tech-savvy" has stopped you from creating high-end programs, offers and online courses, that excuse ends here. Each month, you'll join Ava for an in-depth tech + strategy training and learn the ABC's of sales, marketing, branding, hiring employees, and organizing your biz to scale.

Start Making 6-Figure Decisions

What most business coaches and programs don't teach you is how to trust yourself so deeply that you know exactly what to create, how to price, what to say, and all the aligned action. We don't just focus on strategy here, this is an opportunity for you to supercharge your intuition and put that at the foundation of your decisions.

Be Seen and Get Your Message Out There in a BIG Way

It's time for the spotlight, sister. You'll perfect your pitch in the mastermind so you can expand your impact through podcast interviews, collaborations, and partnerships. You'll learn how to tell your story in a meaningful way that builds authority and impact.

Create Sustainable Wealth and Income

It's time to get real and level up your income goals. I will teach you everything I've learned to create sustainable wealth. No more yo-yoing with your monthly revenue, only up from here, boss babe!

Uplevel Your Impact AND Income as a Leader

Learn the embodied leadership and intuitive skills that make you a magnet to the soulmate clients that are praying for the transformation your programs provide. If you've been hitting a wall in your biz, this is the work that will take you to the next level.

Quantum Leap to Success

Who says it has to take years? We're breaking all the rules, showing you that when you do it YOUR way, the money, the impact, the fame can happen fast. Quantum leaping is all about speeding up the timeline so you can have it all now (because you're super f*cking worthy of it).

Radically Transform Your Relationship With Money

Pull out the weeds that have been making you question your worth and level up your pricing, power and confidence around selling from your heart and increasing your energetic minimum with money.

Activate Your Divine Feminine Energy

On the way to six and multiple six figures, you will not be doing more or staying up until 2am hustling and burning yourself out. Nope. Not with me by your side. This work will re-wire your brain to let ease, flow and relaxed receptivity be the catalyst to your success.

In the Mastermind Membership, you get unlimited access to me and the group, weekly trainings, live coaching, guest speakers, and so much more magic for your soul and your biz. Choose from the group experience or upgrade to receive 1:1 support* throughout the duration of your time in the mastermind.

"Working with Ava was one of the most important experiences of my life..."

- Becky S. @burlybest

This is about amplifying everything you've already done so that you can step gracefully into your next level of spiritual and financial success.

★ The leader that says YES to the Mastermind is so f*cking ready to scale her business and create sustainable income.

★ You are ready to do whatever it takes to clear any fears or beliefs so you can finally call in the success you've been dreaming of.

★ You want to create meaningful work that reaches the masses and changes lives.

★ This is for the leader that is done hustling and only focusing on the strategy, your spirituality cannot be compartmentalized - think a mix of Gabby Bernstein vibes with Marie Forleo...and all your way.

★ You are the rebel leader, obsessed with being of service and obsessed with changing millions of lives.

This is for the leader that can't contain herself any longer - it's time to play a BIG game.


The results will awaken you to what is possible when you go ALL IN and invest in yourself!


"During the mastermind I increased my rates to more than double, attracted more soul mate clients, successfully launched two new offerings, and had a 5 figure month. Most importantly though, my clients are experiencing massive transformation because I was able to get clear on my own unique coaching style. Before working with Ava I did a lot of second guessing and I doubted my worth and my message. I struggled to fill my coaching programs and was afraid to increase my pricing. I often felt stuck, blocked and uninspired. Now, I’m attracting dream clients, I’m owning my worth and I’ve stepped into my power unapologetically. I feel alive, energetic and magnetic. I’m an open channel for ideas to flow through me and I am able to create and hold this super sacred space for my clients and move through their transformation right along side them.

Ava gave me the tools and the support to connect to my own intuitive guidance and I learned to trust myself deeply. I feel into everything I do now because of her example, and I’ve never felt so aligned. Ava’s energy and her success continue to be an example of what’s possible for me. It has been a soul changing experience and it will be for you, too! Period!"

- Tara D. @tara_disch

"I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be in Ava's Mastermind. I am an infinitely stronger, more confident leader + healer now and I know I will continue elevating and expanding because Ava not only guides life-changing transformation, but she teaches you tools + techniques for you to use for life.

Before I started working with Ava in the mastermind, I felt lost and confused with how to start an online coaching business and how to actually make sufficient money doing it. Now I have clarity in what it is I want to do + have to offer, confidence in how to bring my visions to life, and be massively compensated for it!

If you are on the fence about investing in the Mastermind, DO IT!! Give yourself the permission to invest in yourself + your success, because with Ava in your back pocket, you will experience mind-blowing results!"

Cassady F. @iamcassadynoel

"[While working with Ava] I valued her transparency, compassion and authenticity that continued to inspired! I loved the community within the mastermind and will forever value the connections I’ve made! Through out the 3 months I worked with her, I launched my first group coaching program, hosted successful workshops, developed confidence in my pricing and in my work!

Following the mastermind, I felt empowered to take charge and show up to create, support and inspire! I would absolutely recommend Ava for any entrepreneur who is ready to embody radiant confidence, worthiness and divine expansion!"

- Alexis F. @alexis.florentina

"Working with Ava completely re-framed my mindset to allow more flow and connection with my own power. It was something that I used for success in corporate but when it came to my own business I took myself too seriously and thought worst-case scenario. I learned how to monetize my business/determine what my offering is and landed my very first client! Before I felt insecure about my ability to teach others. I also wasn't sure what that would even look like.

Now I know that there is more than enough to go around, I talk openly about my business even with my corporate 9-5 friends regardless if they think it's woo-woo and weird haha! It just doesn't phase me anymore what people say because I have stepped into my power and truth. I now feel very connected. Ava is such a shining light and go above and beyond for her clients."

- Alex F. @themirrorseries

Investing in Ava's Embodied Lightworkers Mastermind was THE BEST DECISION I could have made for myself. Between the workshops, weekly office hours and individual support from Ava, I received so much clarity around what I want to do as well as the confidence to start to pivot career paths. Within a few weeks, her unique balance of energetics and digital marketing strategy empowered me to raise my rates and double my income as a freelance graphic designer/copywriter. Most importantly, her Mastermind gave me the confidence to follow my fear and launch my coaching business. Especially in the throes of resistance, she has been my biggest cheerleader. What I love most about Ava is that she is inspires everyone she meets to be their most unapologetic selves and make their dreams a reality through her presence alone. She is one of those rare teachers who truly walks the walk, and wants to see her students succeed! I am so grateful to have her as my coach and teacher. If you’re on the fence, trust that it’s your time to rise and allow yourself to be supported by Ava. I promise, you won’t regret it!

- Madeline P. @madeline.plucinska



This is for the soulful entrepreneur who won't wait a minute longer. You are ready to show up, to break the rules of traditional online businesses, to thrive in any environment, and create sustainable wealth NOW: