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Awareness is the key to living a life of abundance.

The body talks to us every single day. It speaks wisdom that we can either choose to listen to or ignore. That wisdom often looks like intuitive and inspired action to find fulfillment in the self, love, health, career, relationships and money.

If you are ready to say YES to that wisdom and begin your journey, then it is time to start now.

6 week mindfulness coaching program

Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all approach and shouldn’t be treated that way. There is an abundance of tools and practices at your disposal that will allow you to alchemize your life and live in your highest purpose and potential. Together, we will map out the tools that serve you best on your journey. You will receive clarity, guidance and support as you begin the deeply transformational path of healing towards abundance and peace.


Take a step back from the anxious mind to find peace, clarity and revitalization. Each week you will receive techniques to combat stress, find balance and feel renewed in the nine principle areas of life. The tools you will learn will give you confidence at the end of the program to keep a daily routine that curbs anxiety, analysis paralysis and self-doubt. Instead, you will be filled with self assurance and a mindset of abundance to live a proactive and fulfilling life.


Weekly 60 Minute Sessions in person or on Zoom/Skype* to transform and up-level your life. The first session includes a future forecast detailing your goals for the duration of the program and a guideline for how you will get there. Follow up sessions will include one-on-one time to learn mindfulness techniques including breath work, meditation, manifestation, un-stressing, and conscious word programming. Weekly homework and practices including downloadable sheets, journals and media will be included for at-home practice to set you up for success. Throughout the week, you will have direct texting/email/phone access if support is ever needed outside of the 60 Minute Session.

*Zoom/Skype calls are recorded for you to keep and refer back to at anytime.

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