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I understand that enrolling in this challenge means that I am ready to show up for myself and apply the concepts that I learn. Due to the nature of the content, I understand that there will be no refunds. I KNOW that I am powerful enough to create lasting change and when I click "Complete My Purchase" I am declaring to myself and the world that I am ready to be a wealthy AF human!

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The Money Mindset Challenge is a 4-day challenge for upleveling your bank account and beliefs around what is possible for you as you build wealth. You'll be guided through a series of 3 daily emails with videos to support you in getting to the root of why you have been stuck and struggling, empowering yourself to get un-stuck, equipping you with the tools to make lifelong money relationship shifts, and finish with a BANG with an hour-long masterclass on manifesting your first 5-figure month.

What you'll receive:

  • A series of 3 video trainings on financial empowerment and prosperity from the soul
  • A money workbook for unraveling worth, stretching your mindset, and reprogramming your relationship with money
  • An hour-long masterclass on manifesting your first 5-figure month
  • *BONUS* Instant money making ideas + tools to support you in manifesting money with soul-alignment and SPEED.
  • *BONUS* Money reprogramming audios for manifestation and attracting abundance

Why this challenge is $88:

  • Angel numbers are the vibe and 88 is INFINITE potential, possibility and prosperity (my three favorite p's!)
  • If you want to change your relationship to money, you have to start making six-figure decisions. The six-figure you knows the value in investing in themselves.
  • If it was free, you wouldn't have a fire under both buttcheeks to put these concepts and tools to WERK.

What People Are Saying:

“"I almost had a five-figure month last month! I was 1K short! It feels insane, literally feel like crying from pure joy."”

“"JUNE WAS A 9600 MONTH 😭🥂🔮🍾🥳✨❤️🥰 ahhhhh Ava you are such a rockstar pls remember how powerful your work is and how much you’ve empowered me to shift things so quickly 🤩"”