Episode 005: The Power of Bio-Individuality With Food, Diet, and Nutrition with Katelyn Parsons

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Welcome back to the Alchemized Life Podcast. Today we welcome Katelyn Parsons, a nutritionist and certified health coach. She focuses on being real; real food with a realistic approach that will optimize the daily energy of “the busy girl” to be able to live their best life without having to worry about their health.

This episode of The Alchemized Life can give you the tools to truly break down the truth about juice cleanses, media fitness crazes, and your own personal diet. We discuss harder topics such as eating disorders and what it really means to be healthy when it comes to what we are feeding our bodies. So grab a tall glass of water and enjoy Katelyn’s wisdom about the world of nutrition and how we can realistically change our super-busy lives to easily live both energized and healthy.