Episode 007: Career Manifestation with Shannon Algeo

shannon algeo on the alchemized life podcast

Welcome back to the Alchemized Life Podcast. Today we welcome Shannon Algeo, speaker, coach, and yoga meditation teacher. Shannon was named among the top yoga instructors in NYC, and in the past has been a part of Lululemon, Wanderlust, and has been invited to speak for the United Nations.

Today, Shannon discusses personal transformation, manifesting the career of your dreams, and turning your struggles into triumph. If you feel like you are having trouble finding the truth, knowing how to manifest the life that you want to start living, or how to manage your everyday stress, this episode will give you those tools. We cover a range of topics ranging from Shannon’s unique technique for manifesting, overcoming personal struggles and abuse, why hitting rock bottom is actually a means for catapulting your growth, and shifting scarcity into financial abundance.


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