Episode 015: Living Cancer Free, Becoming an Author and the Power of Vulnerability with Sara Quiriconi AKA the Live Free Warrior

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Welcome back to the Alchemized Life Podcast! This week we welcome Sara Quiriconi AKA the Live Free Warrior. Sara is the founder and creator of the Live Free Manifesto, Unfck Your Body Series, and author of Living {Cancer} Free, Sara is a 15-year cancer survivor who is living proof that you can move through anything. A warrior, healer, creator, and determined soul, Sara travels the world filming, interviewing, experiencing, sharing, and creating online content and in-person conferences to inspire others to live a life of choice, freedom and intention.

In this powerful conversation, Sara and I discuss her journey battling cancer at a young age and the massive shifts in mindset and perspective she made throughout her twenties to get her to where she is today. Her first book, Living {Cancer} Free, debuts this year and shares the raw and real look at life before cancer, during and her life now.

Sara and I also get in the details of how she made the switch from corporate graphic designer to yoga teacher, producer and now, author. You’ll learn how she managed to quit drinking and break through her eating disorders, how to get through any social pressure, and why it is important to be authentic with everything you do.

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