Episode 021: The Key to Using Your Story as Your Superpower, Healing Trauma, and Shifting Into Greatness with Biet Simkin

Biet Simkin on the Alchemized Life podcast

This week on the Alchemized Life Podcast we welcome Biet Simkin, spiritual teacher and author, for a conversation on modern meditation, moving through shame and guilt, finding forgiveness, and turning your past into your superpower.  

A spiritual teacher and author, Biet was raised by an awakened Shaman to meditate as

a toddler. Signed to Sony Records at the age of nineteen, she lived the rock ‘n’ roll glam life in New York City for years, until she finally fell to pieces as a heroin addict. In rapid succession, a near death experience, the tragic deaths of her infant child and father, as well as a fire that burnt down her home, propelled her to sober up. As she moved from meltdowns to miracles, she began to teach meditation to private clients, eventually founding a one of a kind system, Center of the Cyclone™ meditation.

In this episode, Biet shares with us her powerful story of hitting rock bottom and finding sobriety, using the practice of divided attention to catapult her self-development and fully see herself as who she is, and how her system, Center of the Cyclone™, came into fruition.

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