Episode 028: CBD Pt 1. with Amy Duncan of Mowellens: Why You Should Be Taking CBD Daily as a Supplement for Your Health

The Alchemized Life podcast with Amy Duncan Mowellens.png

This week on the Alchemized Life Podcast we Amy Duncan, CEO and Founder of Mowellens, for a conversation on the healing powers of CBD, the rise of the CBD industry, and the power of integrating different forms of supplements into your daily life to thrive in the mind and body.

Amy Duncan’s passion for plants grew from helping her husband battle a malignant brain tumor in 2012. As his treatments progressed, so did Amy’s belief in the healing power of cannabis — both for him, and her. She believes cannabis makes her a more engaged person, thoughtful human, and attuned businesswoman. Mowellens was borne from Amy’s experience in biotechnology and healthcare; a lab-tested, high terpene, pure, natural, cannabis product range that provides results you can see and feel.

This is the first of two episodes all about CBD, calling on two different experts in the industry! This week you’ll learn all about the endocannabinoid system, why it is crucial to feed our bodies cannabinoids and Amy’s journey of discovering CBD + creating Mowellens. 

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