Episode 035: Become A Love Alchemist with Dr. Rachel

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This week on the Alchemized Life Podcast we welcome Dr. Rachel, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Love Alchemist, Conscious Communication Expert, and Spiritual Mentor. She helps you awaken your spirit, connect to a grander purpose, and live consciously and happily.

For over a decade, she has been supporting people to deepen and sharpen their ability to transform their lives by eliminating self-doubt, elevating consciousness, and building skills for communication and healthy relationships. In addition to years of academic and clinical training in psychology, she explores Eastern and Spiritual approaches to healing, including psychic mediumship, nonduality, and Buddhist psychology. Dr. Rachel uses her unique Psychospiritual approach composed of her four elements of healing to alchemize love in romance and beyond, as well as abundance in health, wealth, and joy.

In this week’s episode we talk about Dr. Rachel’s definition of being a love alchemist. We discuss the importance of self-work and if we can have a successful relationship without working on ourselves first. You’ll learn steps you can take if you’re single and tired of the endless dating cycle. Listeners will also learn about how to become a better partner and what it means to be in a successful relationship.

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