Episode 039: Discovering Your Psychic Abilities, Becoming Intuitive, and Stepping Into Your Light with Eve of Light

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This week on the Alchemized Life Podcast we welcome Divine, Raffaella and Melanie of Eve of Light. Eve of Light was founded by Divine Grace, Raffaella Giampaolo and Melanie Esperon to bring personal healing work to the masses and realign you back to your light. Connecting to the different timelines of your being...past, present, and future...Eve of Light is an in-person experience that allows you to discover the light within.

In this week's episode, you'll receive powerful channeled messages from all three clairvoyants and learn how you can access these gifts within you. We discuss why meditation is key to tapping into your gifts and the synchronicity that brought Eve of Light together. You’ll also learn the role that are parents and loved ones have on our past and current lives.

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