Episode 053: Understanding The Akashic Records with Ashley Wood

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This week on the Alchemized Life Podcast, we welcome Ashley Wood, an international Akashic Records reader and speaker. Ashley discovered her energetic gifts as a child with the help of her grandmother; however, she didn’t embrace her psychic abilities until later in life, leaving her job as a vegan food blogger to launch her podcast, Manifest This, host Akashic readings and modernize the Akashic Records. In 2018, she launched her practice. She has empowered over hundreds of clients, including celebrities and elite athletes, in over 75+ countries around the world to connect with their distinctive inner knowing – the pinnacle.

So, what are the “Akashic Records”? Every person who has been on the planet has an Akashic Record, a non-physical, vibrational history of your soul. Every thought or emotion our soul witnessed has imprinted into this non-physical record. Using our Akashic Record as a guide, Ashley encourages us to reconnect with our inner knowing rather than seeking outside of ourselves. All the answers already lie within us. Because when we’re able to reclaim our power, we’re able to live in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

We Talk About:

  • How Ashley discovered her energetic gifts and journeyed to the Akashic Records

  • What the “Akashic Records” are, and why they’re important

  • How to reconnect, trust and surrender to our inner knowing

  • The differences between Akashic and Psychic readings

  • Simple practices we can all do right now to access our individual Akashic Record, overcome resistance and align with our life’s purpose


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